Colon (Panama)

Cristobal Port Area.

Colón is a city in Central Panama. The town is in poor condition and notorious for its high crime rate, but it is worth driving around to look at the culture, people and architecture.

Get in

A luxury train connects Colón with Panama City and the ride along the canal is very beautiful. Colón is also a stop for many cruise ships.





Seafood soup $4,00, was a great treat with three or four different types of fish in a tasty tomato base. Have with rice and fried plaintans with salsa. If your not into seafood try the roasted chicken with rice or potatoes $1.65 (Matilda Duffy 12-26-2008)


Overpriced and not great service but at least it's safe and has an interesting history. Plus it has a casino and a good restaurant.

Stay safe

Colon is a very dangerous city, and rarely on the tourist itinerary due to the risks of becoming the next victim. Walking around is not advisable.



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