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Cochem is a traditional German town with half-timbered houses and an exceptionally scenic location on the Mosel river in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Population about 5,700 and a population of 8,700 in a 7 km radius.


Few towns in Germany can match the charm of Cochem. Its picturesque beauty, makes it a favourite place for visitors. Legend, folklore and a rich web of history is woven into every street. Situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the Mosel river valley, between the Eifel and Hundsrück. It is surrounded by high elevations, steep vineyards and typical wine villages, offering tastings, festivals and genuine hospitality.

Cochem, itself, is a showpiece gem and rated as one of the prettiest villages along the Mosel. Little seems to have changed for centuries. The town has many fine buildings, quaint cottages, black & tan guild houses and winding streets. The town square, lined with its half-timbered houses, is particularly fine.

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and Cochem Castle, (Schloss Reichsburg) dramatically rises above the town.

Cochem is the center of the Mosel wine trade. Fondly known for it's regional wines due to the presence of the many vineyards and small family run wineries in the nearby towns along the river.

Early in the 19th century the first real tourists came to Cochem. Mostly English artists, they recorded the romance and beauty of the Mosel Valley, in their drawings and paintings. The development of Cochem into the first real tourist center on the Moselle came in the 1930s.

The Mosel river flows between the maintown and the Cond district, across the river by one of two connecting bridges. A wide boulevard runs along the river, with a number of river-view hotels, restaurants, bars and seating areas. From here one can also take river tours at frequent intervals.


Cochem is in a valley and has an almost Mediterranean climate, with warm sunny days over a 9 month season, summers are mild to hot.

Get in

Cochem is located on the Mosel river route B49, 57 miles north east of Trier, 32 miles south west of Koblenz, 56 miles south of Bonn and 106 miles west of Frankfurt.

By car

Cochem is situated between Trier and Koblenz. You can either follow the B49/B53 road along the Moselle River (most scenic option), or take the E44 (A48/A1) motorway between the two cities, until exit 2, then go down the hill on the B259 road. There are direct local trains from Luxembourg (1h45min), Trier (50min to 1h10min), Koblenz (40 to 55min), Bonn (1h20min), and Cologne (1h45min).

By plane

The closes airports to Cochem are:

By train and local bus

IC trains, (Koblenz-Saarbrücken). The train travels mostly along the left bank of the river Mosel. The train-station of Cochem is in the east-end of the town, less than 500 meters from the center. From the train-station and the centre of town, you can take frequent bus and less frequent river boat connections to most of the villages along the Mosel-valley, that have no train-connection.

Get around

You can easily walk all through town and the districts of Cond and Sehl in a very short time. On the other hand the climb to the Castle and the upper town is quite steep.

Panorama of Cochem with the Cochem Imperial Castle (Reichsburg Cochem) on the right side


Imperial castle (Reichsburg Cochem)


Stop at the tourist office first on Endertplatz 1. They have loads of information to orientate you to Cochem and are very helpful.


Throughout the year there are many events in the resort town of Cochem.


Local wine and liqueurs. Especially in the pedestrian area you may buy a big choice of wines from the Mosel-valley. Almost every 2nd shop is wine-store and depending on the year expect to pay about 3-5 € a 0,7 litre bottle.



The area revolves around excellent wine and good food. A number of wineries have cosy restaurants where fine cuisine and regional specialties are served. While the town may only boasts a few churches, it makes up for it in the wealth of weinstübe, pubs, restaurants, bistros, cafes and hotels, offering traditional regional fare, in additional to dishes from many other regions exist.

The following is just a small selection of restaurants offerings. While exploring, you are sure to find many more.


Wine tasting is possible everywhere in and around Cochem, many also serve good food.

Beer & cocktails

Nite life, dancing, music


Cochem is the recognized centre of a geographical area especially well suited for tourism. There are over 3.300 beds, from budget to luxury, in area hotels, pensions, hostel, camping and vacation homes. Of the 350.000 annual overnight guests, 150.000 are foreigners. Some suggestions below, you can 'Google' for many more.

There are three camping areas in Cochem.

For further area camping descriptions see this site made by a dutch friend of the Mosel river.

B&B and Apartments on family owned vineyards.

Visitors wanting to stay longer than they intended, because the wines are so good, might consider a cosy guest room at the vineyard. A vineyard holiday is often one that is remembered fondly for years afterwards. Maybe you have already experienced helping with the grape harvest or walking and picnicking in the vineyards, where you are quickly caught up in the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and visitors soon become friends.

Apartments (self catering) Price per unit usually between € 35 - € 50 per night.

Hotels Usually includes breakfast, charged per person


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