Cixi City

Cixi(慈溪市) is a city in the Zhejiang province.


The city has many factories so the air quality is not that good. This is small city with a total population of about 1.7 million people. 1 out of 4 people are business owners. It's a small city, but it is relatively affluent. Many of the hotels are booked by locals and not travelers because that's the way they like to party. The people here speak a Cixi dialect of Chinese. The weather here is cold during winter.

Get in

There are three major cities with airports surrounding Cixi. Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Ningbo. From Shanghai, take a bus from the South Station (Pinyin: Nan Zhan Hanzi: 南站) It takes approximately 2 hours and ¥82 as of November 2009.

Get around

Taxis start at ¥7 and up. All licensed taxis are equipped with GPS locators. If do not see any taxis on the road, dial (0574)63981234 and the dispatcher will find a cab within your vicinity and send him your way. 3-wheel coaches are available as well.


Zhishan Park.


Enjoy the local saunas/massage services




Watch a Movie

Shoot Pool

Buy a Mac


Yang mei (red bayberry)products: dried, steeped in wine.


Yang mei when in season. There are chestnut vendors at many intersections in downtown.


There is no designated Bar Street like in other Chinese cities. The clubs are scattered throughout the main part of town. This is not a bottle service town. When you go into the clubs, you will not see anybody drinking whiskey. Everybody drinks beer because the whiskey is counterfeit. The market rate is ¥350 for 24 bottles of beer. Or ¥200 for 12 bottles of beer.


There is bouncing stage and the guards wear bulletproof vests and helmets. There is not counter bar to meet loners, so if you want to meet people you have to walk around and approach people at their tables. 350 24 bottles of beer.


KTV - with female hosts for hire

KTV - bring your own girls



The area code for Cixi is 0574. When calling from overseas, dial +86 574 XXXX-XXXX. For information and services dial 114. For a taxi near you, call +86 574 6398-1234

Go next

You go to Ningbo, Hangzhou or Shanghai for air travel. To get to those cities, you would need to take a bus or a taxi. There are two bus terminals in Cixi, the East Station or the South Station.

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