Ciudad del Carmen

Ciudad del Carmen (sometimes just Carmen) is a city in Campeche, Mexico. The population is about 100,000. Its economy is mainly based on oil, though there is also still a significant fishing industry.


The city is on an island between the Laguna de Terminos and the Gulf of Mexico. Until the 1980s it was connected to the rest of Mexico only by boat; it is now connected to the mainland on either end by bridges and causeways on Highway 180.

For centuries Ciudad del Carmen was a sleepy fishing town. In the 1970s, petroleum was discovered in the area and it became an oil boom town. The city is dominated by workers of the oil industry. It is not a real tourist place, although there are a few attractions and facilities for those passing through.

Get in

By plane

There is an international airport here that has daily flights to Houston, Texas.

By car

Highway 180 connects to Villahermosa to the west and Campeche to the north east.

By bus

Ciudad del Carmen is accessible from a number of cities through the ADO bus line. First-class fares to Cancun are 570 pesos, and fares to Campeche are 168 pesos.





There are a variety of budget and mid-range restaurants in town. Local specialties include fresh seafood, pork & bean dishes, and tamales colorados.


When night falls on Ciudad del Carmen, the city streets come alive as locals and tourists go out for an evening in the many bars, restaurants, public parks, plazas and clubs of this beautiful island. Carmen has a very lively night scene, so don't miss all the clubs. The locals "carmelos" know how to party, and they’re good at it. In the Malecon you can find many coffee shop and small bars or just have a walk there in from of the Mexican Gulf.

In Playa Norte, don't miss the nightlife in from of the main beach of the city.

On Concordia Avenue:


A number of hotels and pensions of various price ranges. Prices are higher than in most smaller Mexican cities, but still reasonable compared to the USA or Europe.


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Stay safe

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To the west on Highway 180 is Villahermosa and Tabasco. To the east is Champoton, Campeche, and Yucatan.

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