Ciudad Bolívar

Ciudad Bolívar is in Bolívar state in Venezuela.


Ciudad Bolívar is located on the banks of the Orinoco River. It is named after Simon Bolívar, Venezuela's Independence hero. It is a frequent stopoff point on visit to Angel Falls and is a good place to find tour companies to take you there. It's previous name Angostura (thin ribbon) represents the river's last navigable port.

Get in

By plane

From Maiquetia there are regular flights with Rutaca

By car

It's a long drive to Ciudad Bolivar but nonetheless the city is well-served by route 16 northeast to Anzoátegui and a fast highway to Puerto Ordaz and Ciudad Guayana.

By bus

There are buses from several cities including Caracas, Maracay, and Barinas (15 hours). Most buses go through Caracas. From the bus station there you can get buses anywhere and also walk to taxi for airport. Ciudad Bolivar to Caracas is 8 hours. Ciudad Bolivar to Santa Elena (border with Brazil) is also about 8 hours.

Get around

If walking is not an option the best way to get around in the city is by taxi. Taxis are cheap in Venezuela. At night call for a taxi as it can be hard to find one on the streets.


A fairly decent colonial town center, worth a wander.


"El Fogon de La Madama" - Excellent *****

Really nice soups, Guyanese dishes, local favorites, very special homemade hot sauces and salsas for sale and uniquely preserved all natural sundried desert fruit sweets (sun dried papaya 'lechoza' is a favorite that is unsurpassed anywhere else). By reservation Orinoco Basin minestrone, fried and croquette fish dishes, Creole Caribbean and English curry specialties are all available at El Fogon de La Madama in a beautiful market overlooking the river. Ask for Patrick and Carla at the fish market. They are well known there and reviewed in tony Caracas magazines and newspapers. This place is famous for its fish dishes. They also have beer for 5 b's!!


Posada Don Carlos in the town center 'casco viejo' is spectacular! Really special architecture, service, appointment. Very nice rooms, elegant atmosphere, good food. Also has dormitory hammocks and bunks! You can use them to get excellent tours to jungles, on rivers, to Angel Falls, Roiraima, Tepuis and more. German owner has 20 years experience in this region of Venezuela! They have connections throughout Venezuela to Colombia and beyond!


After 7PM everything closes down in the city center.





Stay safe

After sunset the city center turns deserted. Try to avoid moving around after 8PM. The Paseo Orinoco is said to be infamous for muggings at night.

Go next

By bus

If you want to go to Mérida take a bus to either Maracay (Several a day) or Barinas (twice daily) and take a connection from there to Merida. Try to avoid the less safe terminal in Valencia.

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