Chimbulak is a ski-resort in the mountains near Almaty, Kazakhstan. The times when mountain-skiing was only for the most courageous and well off have became a thing of the past. Nowadays, mountain skiing has became more accessible to the masses.

Mountain ski Resort Chimbulak is a peculiar world. Going up the mountain road, one plunges into something unreal: to the left and right and ahead appear grand mountains with snowy slopes and evergreen Tyan- Shan firs.

Mountain ski Resort Chimbulak is glad to see on the slopes its new and old friends. Convenient routes and comfortable hotels, exquisite cuisine and numerous amusements to any taste - all this you will find at one of the most picturesque places near Almaty, at the Chimbulak Mountain-ski Resort.

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To get to Chimbulak you can take the gondola from Medeo. To get to the gondola take the number 6 bus (check here ). This bus travels along Dostyk Avenue starting near the intersection of Dostyk and Abay Avenue.

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