Trinity Monastery in Chernihiv

Chernihiv (Ukrainian: Чернігів) , located in the north of Central Ukraine, is one of the most ancient and most interesting cities of Ukraine known in the world primarily for its sacred Christian temples created over 1000 year's history of the city and being invaluable treasure of Ukrainian people.


In the medieval times Chernihiv, located in the North of Ukraine at a distance of 150 km from the city of Kiev, was the second most significant center of the ancient Rus' state. Five Orthodox Churches, the gems of ancient Rus' art, came down to us almost intact from the times of Kyivan Rus' state.

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Buses (80 UAH) leave from Kiev's Lisova Metro station when they are full, usually every 15 to 20 minutes. Buses also leave from the Chernihiv Metro station (80 UAH), and are easily reached by walking out the exit, turning left, walking on the sidewalk over the train line to the adjacent highway. The buses stand "in line", and you take the bus furthest down the line (i.e. the first one in the line). These small buses are called Mashrytkas and leave every 15 to 20 minutes. These same buses leave from Chernigov to return to Kiev frequently throughout the day from various stops, including at the McDonalds, in front of the Mega Mall on Prospekt Mira, and on Prospect Pobeda just before it intersects with Prospect Mira.

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Public transport includes buses and trolleybuses. Subtle detail of public transport routes is that there is no direct connection between railway station and Chernihiv-1 bus station to the most central sights on the Val - you will have to take any trolleybus or bus from the station to crossing of Prospekt Mira and Prospekt Pobedy (Hotel "Ukraine" stop; look for the end of the boulevard along Prospekt Mira near it), and than walk through historical centre a little. Trolleybus 1 and bus 38 will take you even one stop further, to Drama Theater stop near Pyatnickaya church, but no further. Consult map, as different routes come to Hotel "Ukraine" from different sides, you will have to walk along Prospekt Mira along its continuation after boulevard ends.


The Cathedral of SS. Boris and Gleb

Contemporary Chernihiv, is a charming provincial city. It's sites include a museum, several parks and green areas. The rose colored train station is an outstanding place to visit, as is the park at the town center which features a giant Lenin statue and a sober monument to the dead from the Afghan war. Just south of the city center, and an easy walk, is the theater and red square, the "Alley of Heroes" honoring the heroes from the Great Patriotic War (W.W.II), then on to Saint Catherine's Church, and then across the street lies the famous 'Val' where the most ancient of Chernihiv's churches are located. Chernihiv contains two functioning monasteries and ancient Orthodox churches around 1000 years old. A unique site is the Anthony Caves, where numerous relics of saints and the miracle making icons of Our Lady are found. All of these ancient sites make Chernihiv a sacred site of Orthodoxy.

A one-day trip to Chernihiv offers a sightseeing tour including the visit to Detinets, the ancient center of the city, Our Savior Transfiguration, Sts. Boris and Gleb's, Assumption Cathedrals, St. Elijah's and Good Friday Churches known as the gems of ancient Rus' architecture, masterpieces of Ukrainian Baroque Holy Trinity Monastery, St. Catherine's Church, Collegium as well as St. Anthony's caves. The train station is a uniquely beautiful piece of architecture.



There is a Potato House on Prospekt Mira which serves Euro-Mexican. There is a McDonald's on Prospect Mira and a wonderful restaurant next to the city square named Senator.


There is a coffee shop named Chashka (meaning cup) in the Mega Mall.



Desna river



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