Courtyard of the Independence, with the Monument to the Nation in the back

Cheonan (천안, 天安) is a city in South Chungcheong, South Korea.

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Daily highs (°C) 4.9 7.4 13.5 20.6 25.8 28.4 30.6 28.4 27.4 21.3 13.6 2.7
Nightly lows (°C) -6.2 -2.8 1.3 7.0 12.5 18.1 21.2 20.8 15.6 7.8 2.4 -6.8
Precipitation (mm) 4.9 15.1 40.9 62.1 34.6 73.9 239.0 218.7 144.0 119.5 28.9 36.9

2014 Korea Meteorological Administration

Get in

By train

The KTX from Seoul takes just 35-40 (depending on which train) minutes to zip to Cheonan-Asan Station, but you'll need to connect to the painfully slow #20 or #13 bus (₩1,200 without a card) to get to central the Shingsegae/Bus Terminal area of Cheonan. Alternatively, you can walk about 200m to Asan Station, where for ₩1,000 you can get a 5 minute subway (not underground) train ride into Cheonan Station. From here you can connect to both north lines going towards Suwon/Seoul or to the south lines heading to either Busan or Gwangju/Mokpo.

Alternatively, you can take a 급행 (express) subway directly to Seoul or Yongsan stations in about an hour and a half. These trains run roughly once per hour. You can find the up-to-date timetables in the ticketing area of Cheonan station where you enter for the subway only lines.

By bus

The express and intercity bus terminals are located near each other in the northern part of town. Note that the intercity terminal is hidden in the basement of the Shinsegae department store.

Get around

A complex and confusing system of buses covers the area, but there is no information whatsoever in English at the stops or in the buses themselves. However, nearly all services start from or terminate at the intercity bus terminal.

The subway line has been extended from Cheonan Station to KTX Cheonan-Asan station and continuing to Asan.


Grand Hall of the Nation


Upstairs from the bus station is a movie theater which plays Korean and Western films.

A pool competition is held every Thursday night at 10pm across from Shinsegae Department Store at I.D. Billiards. The size of the turn-out varies, but the people are generally very friendly making it a good place to meet fellow foreigners.


As of late 2010, the old Galleria shopping complex which doubled as the Cheonan Bus Terminal was remodeled and renamed to Shinsegae. The new Shingsegae is where most Cheonanites go for their local shopping of luxury items in Cheonan.

There is also a new Galleria now opened which is an architectural marvel. It's won many design awards and is set over 9 floors. Definitely worth a taxi ride of ten minutes just to see the building. (If you go planning to buy take a LOT of money).

An Emart is located in the basement of the Shinsegae shopping complex.

Across the street from Shinsegae Department Store is a whole host of other venues to buy you much needed items. Once you exit the Bus Terminal, you'll see the crowds flowing across the street at every green pedestrian light. Over there you'll also find many more food options awaiting your tongue and stomach.




There are plenty of motels in the alleys across the street from the bus terminals and near the train station.

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Routes through Cheonan

Seoul Gwangmyeong  NW  SE  Osong Daejeon
Seoul Suwon  NW  SE  END
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