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Chełm (Ukrainian: Холм, Kholm) is a Baroque town in Lubelskie, Poland. It lies on the main Warsaw - Kyiv road and rail routes, where it is the nearest sizeable Polish town to the Ukrainian border. The border towns are Dorohusk in Poland and Yahodin (or sometimes Yagodin) in Ukraine.

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There are several trains daily from Lublin. If coming from Warsaw you will likely change trains in Lublin. There are, however, two direct trains from the capital: at 13:40 (arriving in Chełm at 17:33) and also a few hours later the Warsaw to Kiev train stops in Chełm at 20:05. To Warsaw, the direct trains are in the wee hours.


Chalk tunnels

Chełm Chalk Tunnels (in Polish Chełmskie podziemia kredowe) From the Middle Ages until the 19th century, Chełmistas would dig chalk out of the ground their houses stood on and then sell it. Eventually the diggings merged to create a subsidence problem in the buildings above and an extensive (15 km) labyrinth under the town, about 2 km is open for tourists to explore. Normal ticket is 12 zł, entrance below the church at ul. Lubelska 55a. Individuals can explore the tunnels at 11.00, 13.00 and 16.00 (additional times in July and August), groups need reservation (+48 82 565 25 30,


Bicycle tours and sightseeing. Before Second World War the city of Chełm and it's region was a place of meetings of many different cultures and religions. Mainly Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Yiddish and Protestant. That's why there are many historical monuments to see. The full list of monuments included in interactiv map of the Chelm's region with the pictures and descriptions can be fund on




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