Chavín de Huántar

Monumento Arqueológico Chavín de Huántar

Chavín de Huántar is an archaeological site from the pre-Incan Chavin culture of around 900BC containing ruins and other artefacts. The site is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Open Tuesday-Sunday,9am-4pm Entrance 10 soles, students 5

Get in

By Local Bus

The access point for trips to Chavin de Huántar is Huaraz, 3 hours away - on poorly maintained, unpaved road, clinging to the side of a mountain.

Several bus companies located on Mariscal Caceres avenue offer regular departures throughout the day to Chavin (12 soles, May 2014).

You might also be able to find shared taxis and combis.

Several buses to destinations further afield does stop at Chavin around midnight, but then you'll need to have accommodation sorted out ahead.


The Easiest option, all the agencies offer a package transportation + Guide for 35-40 soles (as of May 2014).


Another option is to go for a beautiful three day hike, on an Inca trail, between Olleros (south of Huaraz) and Chavin, but make sure you hire a guide, from one of the many tour agencies, e.g. Peru Llama Trek .


contact them at: 300.



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