Chau Doc

Chau Doc (Châu Đốc) is a city in the heart of the Mekong Delta, in Vietnam.

Get in

Chau Doc is best-known to/from travelers as a border crossing with Cambodia.

Get around

Walk: The main downtown area is an easy walk, from the riverside to the market to Chau Doc Square.


A stroll along the riverside will be well worth it. You will bump into many young people eager (but a bit shy) to engage you in conversation. It can be very rewarding after a morning spent haggling in the colourful markets.


Sam Mountain (6km from Chau Doc). Bike to Sam Mountain: Rent a bike from your hotel ($1-$2) and ride 6m to the base of Sam Mountain. It's an easy ride over flat paved and gravel road, just watch out for traffic. Walk on food from the base of the mountain, up the stairs to the top. Many viewpoints and cafe's with hammocks along the way to stop for a drink and a rest. Alternatively you can take a moto straight to the top of Sam Mountain, a great place to catch the sunset and see the views of Vietnam and into Cambodia.

Tra Su Bird Sanctuary (about 25km from Chau Doc). As of January 2015 most hotels and travel agents are charging around 34 USD for a two person trip to Tra Su (Includes moto drivers and boat fees). If you speak to any of the moto drivers around the covered market you should be able to hire one for around 150,000 - 200,000 dong per moto and can visit Sam Mountain or the Pagoda on the way back. Some of the drivers speak good English. Hiring a driver on your own will save about $8-$10 for a two person trip (depending on your negotiating skills). 75,000 dong per person for 1:30 hour visit (includes both speed and row boat ride).


A large, sprawling market dominates the centre of town, with a covered section in Bach Dang street. There are many ATM, mainly in center near the pagoda, and on Le Loi / riverside.







Get a prepaid SIM card from Mobifone (centre, near pagoda) or Vinaphone (Le Loi, riverside): about 65,000 dong and monthly Internet package ~120,000 dong.

Have a problem with your phone, buy a new SIM card or recharge account balance, visit The Anh Mobile Service 31 Le Loi (near Chau Doc Church, church three-way crossroads).

Go next

Bus station is near the entrance of city about 4 km from centre and ~15,000 dong moto taxi ride.

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