Holmes County Road 557

Charm is a town in Holmes County, Ohio. Charm is located South of Berlin on Route 557, that exits off of Route 39 West of Berlin. Route 557 extends east to Farmerstown and ends at Ragersville (Route 93), where if you turn North you will arrive in Sugarcreek. This, approx. 5 mile long road, runs through the heart of Amish Country. Comparing this area to Berlin, would be like comparing Cancún to inland Mexico. A bit of an exaggeration, but accurate. This short, narrow winding road, full of Amish Buggies, animals and pedestrian's, is sometimes overwhelmed by "English" visitors on motorcyles in packs of ten or more, vans loaded with shopping mothers and children and car loads of sight seeing visitors. In truth, most of the Amish would just as soon you were not there, but in Berlin visiting the "English" merchants who parasitically, live off of the Amish legend. The Amish are very polite and will be very friendly, but you are cluttering their world.

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SR 39 to Route 557



Be careful when driving, the narrow roads are full of Amish buggies, horse drawn farm equipment, animals and children. They move very slowly, have patience.


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No Alcohol available.



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