Chaozhou (潮州; Cháo​zhōu) is a city in Guangdong Province in China.


Chaozhou is in the easternmost part of Guangdong Province in the north of the delta of the Han River, which flows through the city. It borders Shantou to the south, Jieyang to the southwest, Meizhou to the northwest, the province of Fujian to the east, and the South China Sea to the southeast.

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By plane

The airport which serves Shantou is called Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport (IATA:SWA) which in 2011 replaced Shantou Waisha Airport and hence the new airport uses the old airports IATA name, SWA. It also serves international flights to Hong Kong, Bangkok on China Southern Airlines as well as to Singapore on Jetstar Asia and Taiwan.

Via Guangzhou

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport offer Intercity Bus service. You can stay at Shantou Tourist General Corporation. The price of the ticket is CNY20/per.

By taxi

From Shantou, you can take taxis (~45mins - 1 hour, ¥15) at the intersection of the Shantou Radio & Television station (汕头市广播电视台) along Chaoshan road (潮汕路). The taxi drivers will stop along the way to pull additional passengers in.

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Teochew is the main local language, which is closely related to Minnan, and mutually intelligible to a small extent. Locals are very proud of their language despite government attempts to standardise Mandarin as a common language, so any attempts to speak Teochew will be met with encouragement, and may even get you preferential treatment in shops and restaurants. As Chaozhou is part of Guangdong province, many people speak Cantonese as a second language. As with elsewhere in mainland China, standard Mandarin is the only language taught in schools so expect all educated people to be fluent in Mandarin. English is not widely spoken, though staff at the higher end hotels will be able to speak English.

Despite many residents having relatives in the much more international city of Hong Kong and in overseas Chinese communities, non-Chinese visitors are not currently common here so expect some friendly curiosity and attempts at conversation from people if you visit, especially from kids/teenagers who know a little bit of English. However, when shopping or dining you'll be treated the same as if you are a local resident. The city is developing with China's economic expansion, so visitors and facets of western culture, while still infrequent, are becoming more common.


Chaozhou considers itself the "Ceramic Capital of China" and you will notice that there are a lot of ceramics for sale, often at very inexpensive prices.


Chiuchow (Teochew) cuisine, the cooking style originating from Chaozhou.


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