Changa Manga

Changa Manga is in Kasur district of Punjab of Pakistan.



The park was build to meet the wood-demand for the train-traffic in times of British India.


The park is located in the Indus Plains of Punjab, Pakistan. The park consists of a water body and wooded areas. Also you will get to see different kinds of animals such as jackals, axis deer and wild cats.

Flora and fauna

There are some big mammals which became rare or endangered in Pakistan surving in the park. Wild boar is the big mammal species which is found in the whole park with high density. Rare mammal species include hog deer, nilgai(blue bull), jackals and jungle cats. Furthermore there are reports about axis deer (axis axis) within the borders of the park.

The park is a very good place for bird-watchers.


Typical Climate of Indus Plains.

Get in

About one hour distance to Lahore (by car)


There is a breeding center for vultures attached to the park for visitors.

Stay safe

Please consider that there are a lot of mosquitos in the Changa Manga plantation. Some mosquitos may be infected with the Malaria-Virus.

Furthermore there are big mammals like wild boars, which at sometimes can be dangerous. Other possibly dangerous animals within the park, include some species of snakes which are deadly-poisonous.

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