Champasak is a province of Southern Laos. It's best known for a series of Khmer ruins, collectively named a UNESCO World Heritage Site as the Champasak Cultural Landscape.


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Pakse is the transport hub of the region, with an airport, bus service and limited boat access off the Mekong. For Champasak and the south, there are more expensive minivans (110,000 kip return to Si Pan Don) from a couple of travel companies ('Pakse Travel' and 'Explore Asia') in Pakse town centre (nearly always packed with bleach blond 20-somethings. Don't expect any leg room).

From Pakse southern bus station, a songthaew 20,000 kip) to Champasak (20,000 kip, ~2 h) or Than Bhan Khop (2 h 15 min), to near the crossing to Wat Phu (30 min walk to Wat Phu entrance).

Get around

Most places in Champasak, including Wat Phou, can be visited as day trips from Pakse.


Wat Phu


There are restaurants at many hotels. Street vendors can be found along the road to Wat Phu.

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It seems buses from Champasak-Pakse are only available in the morning, 7AM-8AM, 20,000 kip.

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