Cēsis is a town in Gauja National Park, in the Vidzeme region of Latvia. Having only around 18,000 inhabitants, it is a fairly quiet historic town, containing two beautiful castles and parks, houses built in various different time periods as well as small cobbled streets in the Old Town.

Get in

Cēsis is located roughly 100 km to the east of the capital Riga.

By bus

Many bus routes exist in the region. Direct connections between Cēsis and other nearby large cities such as Riga and Valmiera exist and departures are fairly frequent - usually once an hour. Connections with smaller towns exist, but may be less frequent, depending on the time of day. The Latvian inquiries service 1188 provides up-to-date timetables with information such as pricing.

Many buses in the region provide free WiFi access, especially on longer distance routes.

By train

There are some train routes going through Cēsis connecting major cities such Riga, Valmiera and Cēsis. Timetables, pricing and more are provided by 1188.

By car

Getting into Cēsis by car is fairly simple. The A2/E77 heads out of Riga in a north-eastern direction and can be followed until the P20 which can then be followed north until turning off west into the town. If following the A2/E77 from a town further east, the P30 (turnoff from A2/E77) can take you straight into Cēsis. From northern towns such as Valmiera, simply following the P20 south until turning off to Cēsis in a similar fashion as when driving from Riga. Following the P14 south-east will also take you straight into Cēsis.

Various turnoffs can be taken from the P20 depending on what the end destination in Cēsis is exactly and should probably be evaluated beforehand.

Get around

By foot

The town center is fairly small and can be traversed by foot. Practically all sidewalks are asphalted or have flat brick tiling.

By taxi

Local taxi companies exist and are reasonably priced making them a viable method of getting around. Regardless, you should always keep an eye out for possible scams related with overpricing such as bumping the meter price up with a touch of a button on the meter.

By bus

Local public transport exists, but the count of bus departures throughout the day is fairly low making walking to the destination often a much more viable opinion.


Cesis castle



Rīgas iela is the central walking street in the Old Town with a couple of shops and restaurants.



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