Central Ukraine

Central Ukraine (Ukrainian: Центральна Україна) is the region in the center north of Ukraine, and is the country's cultural, economic, and political center.


Next to Kyiv regions.

Northern regions, where you can see sparsely populated countryside (sometimes abandoned villages), many provincial towns, some forests (less than in northwest, but more than in southeastern Ukraine). Main routes from Kyiv to Belarus and Russia go across these lands.

Former Cossack land on the both banks of Dnipro. While Zaporizh'a was a base of Cossack army in 16-17th centuries, the historical lands where the cossaks lived with their families were here. Kaniv, Chyhyryn, Pereyaslav, Lubny, Myrhorod, Poltava remain full of history sites since then. The region is also a motherland for many famous Ukrainians as Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Kotl'arevsky, Nikolai Gogol' and others.

Finally, Kirovohrads'ka oblast' (Кіровоградська обл.), in the past was known as Dyke Pole (literally, the Wild Field), a bordering land between Ukraine and nomadic Mongols and Tatars. Now it is the industrialized city of Kirovohrad, and vast agricultural lands anywhere around. The geographical center of Ukraine is located here, near the small town of Dobrovelychkivka. Otherwise, the region may be referred to Eastern Ukraine, not much to see here.


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Central Ukraine is known for speaking surzhyk, so most of the people don't speak a pure Russian or pure Ukrainian, but rather a specific mix of both. Everything else is like elsewhere in Ukraine. Virtually anyone understands both Ukrainian and Russian. English is more or less understood by younger people (who study it) or by some adults of 25–35 years, who had work experience abroad. Don't expect any significant knowledge of English by officials (since they are prevalently older people, who had no opportunity, and often have no intention to study it). However most Ukrainians, even if they don't understand you, will respect you as a foreigner and make an effort to help you. Any other foreign languages are quite useless.

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