Central Slovenia

Central Slovenia is the region surrounding the Slovenian capital city of Ljubljana and the Kamniške Alps north of it.


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Central Slovenia encompasses the Ljubljana valley with Sava river and its tributaries Ljubljanica, Sora, Kamniška bistrica and others, and the surrounding hills. The northern part, with cities of Kranj, Škofja Loka and Kamnik formally belongs to Gorenjska, while its southern tip is considered a part of Dolenjska.

The region is economically prosperous due to Ljubljana, the political and economical center of the state, and the industrially strong Kranj with headquarters of several internationally successful companies like Sava, Iskra and Merkur.

The terrain is mostly flat, allowing for its rural use. With farming traditionally dependent on cows, pigs and poultry, the prevalent cultures are corn, potatoes and grasslands.


Slovenia is rich in dialects, which can differ even from village to village. So, too, is the central region. As a practical consequence, if you come from a Slavic country and would want to try a "bilingual" conversation, you will have to ask people to use proper Slovenian since local dialects, especially the rather detested variation used in Ljubljana, may be impossible to understand.

As elsewhere in Slovenia, you can rely on people speaking decent English and having at least basic knowledge of German, especially in the north. A desperate Italian, French or Spanish speaking tourist is quite likely to have some luck if he turns to the more polyglot younger generation.

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Ljubljana is the central hub of Slovenia and the most common starting point of your visit to the country. Refer to the Get In section of the page on Ljubljana for more information.

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