Central Nordsjælland

Central Nordsjælland covers the northern part of Rudersdal Municipality (named after Rude Forest on the eastern boundary of the area) as well as Allerød Municipality. It is just north of what is considered the boundary of greater Copenhagen and is a diverse area, with green beech forests, lush farmland, and up-scale satellite towns and villages for people working white collar jobs in Copenhagen.


The area consists of several closely spaced urban areas; Allerød, Lillerød, Lynge, Uggeløse and Birkerød which all used to be sleepy villages before a railway to Hillerød was build in the mid 19th century. Allerød and Birkerød had stations built in the process, and grew by leaps and bounds in the following years, especially after the S-train commuter network was expanded here in 1934, while the other villages have mainly retained a more sleepy village feel to them.

While many of the towns have mushroomed and almost grown together, fueled by a property boom (the prices are still 30-40% higher than the country average) in the 1990'ties and early 2000's, there are still patches of green forests, farms and pretty lakes sandwiched between the more built-up areas. The western part of the area around Lynge and Uggeløse maintains a distinctly more rural feel to this day.

Get in

Birkerød and Allerød can be reached by a half hour S-train trip from Copenhagen. To reach Lynge, take S-train E to Allerød and then change to bus 335 or 381, or take S-train A to Farum and change to bus 335.

Get around

Moving around inside the towns is manageable by foot. Travelling between Allerød and Birkerød is done by a few minutes in the S-train. Travelling to Lynge is most easily done from Allerød Station by bus 335.

Reaching other places in the area will often be time consuming by public transportation. A good alternative is taxis:


Historical sites

Museums and galleries





The area has plenty of woods well suited for a walk:


There are also several lakes in the area, which are worth exploring:


There is not much of interest in the area when it comes to shopping. For daily stuff, try the main shopping street in the area:





You will find the following post offices in the area:

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