Central Laos

Central Laos shares borders with Thailand and Vietnam, as well as with Northern and Southern Laos.


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What is now Xaisomboun Province (since December 2013) used to be a region during the Vietnam War where the US military recruited Hmong people as support against the North Vietnamese Army. The east of the province still sees unexploded ordnance. With the end of the Vietnam War, the new communist government of Laos singled out Hmong that supported the US for retribution and committed atrocities against the Hmong people. Due to the subsequent Hmong conflict the government introduced the Xaisomboun Special Zone that existed from 1994 to 2006 and was sealed off for foreigners. Even after resolving the Special Zone, as late as 2011, there have been reports of foreign motorcyclists being asked to turn back, pay hefty fines or being detained for entering the area. Now the province sees efforts to open it up to tourism, with 2016 as 'Visit Xaisomboun Year'.

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The best way to get around is via motorcycle, almost all roads are dirt roads. Hitchhiking might be possible however traffic is very low. There seems to be boat service on Nam Ngum 2 Lake from the south-west end to the east end of the lake.


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