Central Bohemia

Central Bohemia is a region in the Czech Republic. Officially, is consist of two regions, Central Bohemia Region and capital city Prague. Central Bohemia is a great option for those who want to experience different Czech Republic beyond crowded Prague but do not have too much time.

Cities and towns

Church, chateau and vineyards in Mělník

Other destinations

Natural forest and Berounka river in Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area


Central Bohemia played major role in creation of Czech state. Oldest building in Czech Republic, Church of Saint Peter and Paul is located here. Large Karlštejn Castle and Kutná Hora with silver mines and Gothic cathedral and baroque monastery are reminders of ages, when Bohema was one of the most wealthy and powerful parts of Europe.

Landscape is mostly flat due to rivers Elbe and Moldau, which confluence here. It is one of the most fertile parts of the Czech Republic. Mountains can be found in south part of Central Bohemia, with maximal elevation of 864 meters.

Get in

You can reach most of the places in Central Bohemia under one hour from Prague. Visit some sights in Central Bohemia can be an ideal one-day trip from Prague.

By car

By bus or train

Some connection are not direct. For more accurate information look at IDOS

Get around

It depends where, but bus as well as train is generally a good option. If you want to drive car, realize that some Central Bohemian local roads can be in bad condition. Traveling by foot could be recommended for some beautiful landscapes of Křivoklátsko, Kokořínsko and Brdy.


Karlštejn Castle

You can find lot of castles, chateaux, historic towns and other sights in Central Bohemia

Castles and ruins


Nazi and communist history


Few tips for one-day trips from Prague. There is, of course, lot of options based on your preferences and interests.

Southeast of Prague

Around Beroun

Kutná Hora

North of Prague

Go next

Your next stop can be almost anywhere in the Czech Republic, because of Central Bohemia's position in the middle of the country.

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