Cavalcante is a city in Goiás, Brazil.


With around 10.000 inhabitants, Cavalcante lies 320 km north of Brasilia, on the north side of the national park Chapada dos Veadeiros. It is an area with some tremendous hiking trails and waterfalls. Cavalcante also surrounds the Kalunga Historical Site, where descendents of slaves, called Kalunga, are still living to this day with little contact with the modern world.

Get in

By bus

In Brasilia, Empresa Santo Antonio (ESA) provides two daily lines to Cavalcante. Leaves 7:15h and 15:15h from Rodoferroviaria station. Tickets at R$ 45,15. Tel. +55 61 3233-7619 +55 61 3328-0834. It's a slow 6-hours ride.

By car

To get to Cavalcante you need to go first to Brasilia. From there, take road BR-020 and drive 34 km, turn left at DF-345 to ride 10.5 km more, continue on BR-010 for 225 km. Finally, turn left at GO-241 for the last 21 km.

Get around

Cavalcante is a small town and you can easily get around on foot or by bike. But the best way to the waterfalls is by car.


The Rock Bridge

A guide is highly recommended to visit the attractions listed here because most of them are in remote locations and without mobile phone network coverage. Use your discretion! Guides are available at the Tourist Information Center. Tel +55 62 3494-1507. The guides are also available to provide camping support like helping with tents and cooking.


Most of the Waterfalls will provide you a hiking experience with easy, moderate or difficult trails. Some of them can also be visited by mountain bike.


There's a small selection of local handcrafted products. Nothing special. Ask the guides at the information center.






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