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Catawba Island is part of the Ottawa County peninsula. Catawba Island is one of 12 townships that make up Ottawa County, Ohio. It is commonly referred to as Catawba and Catawba Island, although it is a not an island as its name implies. Due to its sheltered bay and inlets, land elevation along the shore with fewer cliffs and easy access to Lake Erie, it has become one of the preferred areas for pleasure boat owners to dock and store their boats. Development was stagnant for years due to lack of sanitary sewer. Once this was improved, Catawba Island Peninsula started to bloom, with all sorts of improvements, condo's, expensive homes, marinas and businesses. It has become a preferred destination for those enjoying Lake Erie waters.


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You can enter Catawba Island from SR 53 exit off of SR 163 or Sand Road off of SR 2. Both meet each other at Catawba Point, in a loop around the peninsula. On land, motorcycles, bicycles, cars, golf carts, walking and running are popular. On the water, about every form of transportation is available for rent.

There is a 4.8-mile walking/biking paved trail on St Rt 53 North (AKA NE Catawba Rd.).




Catawba Island has an agricultural history as well as a marine history. A lot of land on Catawba Island was dedicated to farming, vineyards, orchards, truck farms and such. Today development is converting much of this land for other uses. In the warmer months, however, you will find no lack of local vegetables and fruits for sale at the road side.




Stay safe

Catawba Island is like a big playground for kids and adults, with a long shoreline. Things happen. If you are not familiar with small boats, keep in mind they move when you get in and/or least expect it. Make sure you wear or know where your life preserver is as soon as you get into a smaller boat. Lake Erie is a big and wonderful place, some areas like this have extreme traffic on the roads and water, both from commercial and pleasure craft. The Coast Guard is always looking for those who abuse the waterways and will not hesitate to arrest for drinking while operating a watercraft or other infringements. Play safely and no one will bother you.


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