Carpathian Mountains

Carpathian mountains in Bukovina

The Carpathian Mountains are mountains in Central Europe from Poland to Romania.

Map of the main divisions of the Carpathians.
1. Outer Western Carpathians
2. Inner Western Carpathians
3. Outer Eastern Carpathians
4. Inner Eastern Carpathians
5. Southern Carpathians
6. Western Romanian Carpathians
7. Transylvanian Plateau
8. Serbian Carpathians



Important cities and towns in or near the Carpathians are, in approximate descending order of population:

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Major airports for getting into this region are in Vienna, Bratislava, Kraków, Budapest, Belgrade and Bucharest.


There quite couple of world heritage sites in this region, some directly related to the mountains and others just set against the backdrop of them.


The Carpatian mountains are a popular destination for hiking and mountaineering. In the winter, skiing is also a popular activity.

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