Carmel Range

The Carmel Range, often referred to simply as "Mount Carmel" (though this more properly refers to the hills immediately above Haifa), is a compact region of hills in Israel extending westwards from the Central Hill country to the Mediterranean Sea. Dividing the Coastal Plain from the Jezreel Valley, the Carmel Range retains its own unique landscape and culture.

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Although hardly qualifying as "cities", the settlements of the Carmel Range are nonetheless fascinating:


Northbound view of Wadi Kelah on Mount Carmel, with Haifa University tower in the distance

The hills are home to a number of Druze villages, the focus of many travelers' visits to the region. There are also sites of Jewish and Arab cultural/historical interest, and many beautiful mountains and forests.

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The Carmel is bounded by Road 4 (the old Tel Aviv-Haifa road) on the west, and road 70 (Zichron Yaakov-Yokneam-near Haifa) on the south and east.

From Tel Aviv, leave the freeway (road 2) at Zichron Yaakov. Then either turn left on road 4, or continue straight on road 70, depending on your destination.

There are frequent buses going up and down roads 4 and 70. Buses and service taxis also travel from Haifa to the Druze villages.

Get around

Several roads go through the Carmel and they are pretty scenic.


View of the Carmel from a house in Ein Hod


In general the Carmel has lots of beautiful forested landscapes which are great for hiking and biking.


Pita, in the Druze villages.

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The Carmel Range makes a great way-station for visits to Haifa, Israel's 3rd largest city, and to destinations in the Jezreel Valley and further north.

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