Camotes Islands

The Camotes are a small island group in the Philippines. Administratively, they are part of Cebu Province but they are some distance east of Cebu Island (63 km from Cebu City), actually closer to Leyte.

Until recently these islands did not get many tourists, though they have some fine beaches and dive sites. Now there is considerable development with several resorts and quite a few resident foreigners.


The islands, municipalities and barangays of the Camotes

The group includes three main islands and one small islet. The islands of Pacijan and Poro are joined by a causeway; Ponson is separate, a bit to the north.


There are several ports around the islands:

In addition, at some other places, such as Kawit, the pumpboat is just pulled up onto the beach.


Cebuano (also called Bisayan) is the main language of the islands.

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