Cameron Highlands

A tea plantation at the Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands is situated in Pahang, West Malaysia. It is approximately 85 km from Ipoh or about 200 km from Kuala Lumpur. The retreat has a diverse population of more than 43,000 people.


The Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia's most extensive hill stations. It covers an area of 712 km², about the size of Singapore, At 5,000 ft (1,500 m) above sea level it is also the highest point in Malaysia accessible by road. During the day, the temperature seldom rises above 25 °C; at night, it can drop to as low as 12 °C.

There are four main roads into the area: two to the west, to Ipoh and to Tapah; and two to the east, to Gua Musang and Kuala Lipis.


The towns lie in a string of settlements approximately 25 km long. From north to south these are:

Get in

The highlands can be accessed by road from both coasts, though most travellers enter from the west. Ipoh has a road up to the highlands via Simpang Pulai, the other route from the west is further south, via Tapah. The main road from the east passes through Gua Musang; there is also a more circuitous route from Kuala Lipis (both of which are on the Jungle Railway).

By bus

Approaching from the west

From Ipoh, take an air-conditioned Kinta Omnibus service (RM16.80, 2.5 hr, 8AM, 11AM, 3PM, 6PM) to Tanah Rata from Ipoh's Medan Kidd bus terminal (5 min walk from the train station). The buses travel via Simpang Pulai and stop at towns such as Kampong Raja and Brinchang. Be sure to let the driver know if you need one of these towns.

From Kuala Lumpur, buses to Tanah Rata leave from Pudu Sentral Bus Station (RM28-RM39, 4.5 hr, 8:30AM–3:30PM though mainly in the morning). Some buses can be booked online at

From Penang, Unititi Express bus picks up passengers from Prangin Mall in Georgetown to Tanah Rata for RM35 (7:15AM and 1:30PM). However, the bus from Tanah Rata to Penang (RM32, 8AM and 2:30PM) will stop at Sungai Nibong and you might need to take a local bus or a taxi to Georgetown.

From Singapore, overnight VIP buses operated by Grassland and Fivestar leave from the Golden Mile tower/complex (SG$55-SG$65, 10 hr). Buses stop at Ringlet, Lakehouse, Brinchang Hotel, Equatorial Hotel, Heritage Hotel and Tanah Rata.

Approaching from the east

The best option is the bus station at Gua Musang, look for services to Tanah Rata or Ipoh. Kuala Lipis may also have buses.

By car

From North-South Expressway, exit the expressway at Tapah and then proceed via route 59 straight to the highlands. It takes about 1 hr 30 min to reach the first town of Ringlet.

Alternatively, you can exit the expressway at Simpang Pulai, Ipoh and proceed via route 145 to Cameron Highlands. It takes about 1 hr to reach the first town, Kampung Raja. Condition of this route is significantly better than Route 59 from Tapah.

By shuttle mini van

You can also use mini van transfer to get to Cameron Highlands:

By taxi

A taxi station is located at about 100 m east of the bus station along Jalan Besar road. Taxi fares are subject to negotiation as most of the taxi drivers are notorious for not using the meters. Be prepared to negotiate hard.

Get around

The resort is made up of eight neighbourhoods. The three townships are Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang. The five settlements are the Bertam Valley, Kea Farm, Tringkap, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja. All are separated from one another by a considerable distance. The most popular towns of the retreat are Tanah Rata and Brinchang. They are about 4 km apart.


One of the best ways to see the area is to walk. Do bring along an umbrella just in case it rains.

By bus

The bus station is at Tanah Rata. Buses run hourly to most of the tourist spots. The fare is about RM1.50.

By car

The resort has a good network of roads. If you are planning to get off the beaten track, renting a car may be a good option.

By motorcycle

Motorcycles can be rented at some of the guest houses. You must have a license to ride a motorcycle.

By taxi

The taxi fare between Tanah Rata and Brinchang is RM6. You can hire a taxi for 2 hr for RM50. This rate is approved by the government.

By van charter

You can plan an itinerary of your own by hiring a 10-seater van. Make sure you confirm the charges before making any decisions.



Several tour operators have offices on or near the main road in Tanah Rata. The packages (jungle trekking, farm adventure, go to Ipoh to see Kellie's Castle etc.) and prices are all very similar, but ask about extra charges like admission to the museums and to see the Rafflesia. Morning and afternoon tours are very popular. Night tours are listed by most operators but are not popular so don't expect them to be available unless you're in a group of 4 people (or 3 at some).

Mount Yong Belar
Gunung (Mount) Irau
Gunung Brinchang



Food is not a problem at the Cameron Highlands. There are many Malay, Western, Indian and Chinese restaurants to pick and choose from. While you are here, do try the steamboat, a pot of boiling soup where you can cook your own meat and vegetables.







Internet facilities are readily available.


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