Kozhikode (Malayalam: കോഴിക്കോട്), formerly Calicut, is one of the major cities in Kerala, India.

Calicut Beach
Kannan Parambu Mosque at Kuttichira, Kozhikode
St.Mary's Church, Nadakkavu popularly called 'the English Church'


Kozhikode was the ancient capital of Zamorin kings until the British made it part of the Madras province. Formerly called Calicut, this city was frequented by traders from Arabia and Europe. The English word calico, a cotton textile, originated from this city's old name.

Kozhikode used to be a romantic location with the charm of centuries-old streets and the smell of local sweets in the air. Today, Kozhikode is an overdeveloped city with long queues of automobiles in the main and service roads creating unending traffic jams all over the city. Even the small interior roads are pestered by an incredibly large number of noisy motorcycles.

The city still has some charm left but you have to explore it by walking early in the morning. The heavy traffic begins by 7:00 a.m. and you are back to column one. Your option for the day is to spend time watching TV in a hotel room.

Get in

By plane

The nearest airports are at Kondotty, 36 km and Mangalore, 246 km, both international airports.

By train

Direct trains are available from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Thiruvananthapuram. For railway enquiries, you can try contacting +91 4952701234, but it is very difficult to reach this phone number.

By bus

Buses are available from all South Indian cities.

By road

Driving is tiresome as the roads are only two line and traffic blocks are very frequent. The people of Kozhikode are very polite except when they drive. Honking horns continuously is a fashionable pastime of the locals. Bangalore road is closed during night time.

Get around

By bus

Buses charge only ₹7.00 for five kilometres.

Bus Numbers

Bus numbers for green city buses

Bhat Road Beach. 110B Chaliyam Seawalk. 215 Cheruvantta River.121 Kadalundy Jetty. 210K Kalipoika Boating. 113 Kappad Beach. 9 Karad River. 223 Karuvan Thuruthy River. 213 Kozhikode City. K.0 Malikadavu River. 12 Mambupazha Bridge.231P Manakkadavu River. 246 Mananchira Squire. K1 Mukkathu Jetty. 211K Odumbra Jetty.242 Payyanakkal Beach. 239 Puthiyappa Beach. 105 Thamarassery Hill. 8

By auto rickshaw

Autorikshaw drivers of Kozhikode have a reputation for honesty as they do not overcharge. The usual charge is ₹15.00 for every km. This meticulous honesty cannot be expected from Autorikshaw drivers outside the Malabar region.

By taxi

Air conditioned taxis are available at ₹1,000 for a day. Look for them at the Railway Station or Mananchira area. Contact Taxi Stand. +91 495 2306023

Since the weather is hot throughout the year and the humidity quite high, an air conditioned vehicle is one thing you cannot economize here.

By car

There are many rental companies offering cars with drivers or self-drive. Traffic blocks exceeding one hour are common. Keep away from Kallayi Road and Wayanad Road as traffic is heavy and dead-slow.

By walk

Walking is near impossible as traffic is erratic and heavy. Footpaths are rare or occupied by peddlers. The noise created by endless motorcyclists is unbearably prominent even in interior roads. The long beach road from Beypore to Elathur (16 km) is the only peaceful area to walk.


Krishna Menon Museum
Christian church at Mananchira pond, Kozhikode, India.


Mishkal Masjidh, Kuttichira
Subramanya Temple, Thali


Classical building in Annie Hall Road near Railway Station, Kozhikode
Nochikkad Bridge, Mavoor
Kalari Martial Art


Kozhikodan Halva



Chicken biriyani is very spicy in Kozhikode

Mid range

Malabar cuisine is quite popular among gourmands. The mild flavored, gently cooked Malabar Biriyani are a must eat when visiting Calicut.



Non-Alcoholic Drinks





Night life

There is no night life in Kozhikode and nobody understands the word 'nightlife'. The city becomes deserted by 10 pm because of unknown reasons. Maybe the potential for political violence or the shortage of transportation to the villages may be the reasons for this. In bigger cities, the silence of midnight is achieved by 4 a.m., but in Kozhikode, midnight comes by 12.00 midnight sharp. That is a sort of achievement. A very limited kind of nightlife is now visible in the Thondayad area. The 13-km road to Ramanattukara has 32 restaurants offering chicken, kada, beef, prawn, karimeen, aylahead and meenmutta. There are also many roadside stalls providing cheap items.


This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under ₹ 750
Mid-range ₹750-3,000
Splurge Over ₹ 3,000

Traffic snarls make day time travel very difficult in most parts of the Kozhikode city. It is advisable to take a room in a hotel near the beach where there are no traffic issues. The 18 km road between Beypore and Pavangad lies entirely on the beach and has very light traffic.





Stay safe

The people of Malabar area are on the whole very conservative, but recently, local Moral Policing groups have made it a fashion to attack young unmarried couples going out together. Even married couples were attacked under the assumption that they are a pair in love. A restaurant known as a student hangout was attacked by a vigilante group recently. So bring your passport, air ticket and marriage certificate. Avoid words like girlfriend, living together and LGBT.

Go next

Long distance buses originate from the KSRTC bus station on Mavoor road and it is better if you to reserve a ticket six hours before travel. Trains are available to all Indian cities if you can make an advanced reservation at least three days before travel. There is a Silverline bus from Kozhikode to Kottayam at 8.15 pm. It stops only twice before the destination and reservations can be made at http://www.keralartc.com/

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