Calendar of events and festivals

This is a calendar of events and festivals by month. Both recurring events as well as future or ongoing one-off events can be found here.

If you know when you want to travel, but have not decided where, then take a look at the events on the following pages, and click your way through to the destination page of an interesting event.

Events are listed on separate pages, by month. Select the month from the list below to see upcoming events in that month.

Calendar of events and festivals
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Event dates by subject
International sporting events | Music festival circuit | World's Fair


By its very nature the information in this calendar ages rapidly, so please help us keep it up to date. Please use the {{event}} template placing on the month page and on the appropriate location page.

Use the following format for entries.

Template format

Please copy and paste to start a new entry

*{{event| name= | url= 
| year= | month=| date=
| endmonth=| enddate=
| location=| country=
| content= }}



* {{event|name=Saint Paul Winter Carnival| url= | etype=
| year=2015| | month=January| date=22 
| endmonth= February| enddate=1 |location=Saint Paul| content=Minnesota }}

What to place here

Please also place the event on related location (city, region or country) page.

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