Calbayog is a city in the province of Samar, Eastern Visayas. Philippines. Calbayog City is the first city in the province of Samar beating the then town of Catbalogan which is now a city. Calbayog City is home to many waterfalls. Maharlika Highway (AH #26) passes this city.


The people speak Waray-Waray as their primary dialect. Waray-Waray is the dominant language of people in Eastern Visayas. Aside from Waray-Waray, the locals also speak and understand Tag-alog, the national language of the Philippines. Most common folks do speak and understand English as well, since the language is taught throughout elementary to college in the Philippines.

Get in

By plane

By air, the city connects from Manila one time per day via Philippines Airlines.

By bus

Since the city is along the route of Maharlika Highway that connects the island of Luzon to Mindanao, plenty of buses from Manila run through Calbayog City. To get a ride, visit the bus terminal. There are mini-buses which you can flag down along the highway if someone chooses not to go to the terminal.

By van

Private van are available for transport of passengers going to all major towns and cities in Eastern Visayas. Van terminals are separate from each other and not within the bus terminal complex like the one in Tacloban City.

Get around

Jeepneys and tricycle are available. Jeepneys have fixed routes while tricycles can be for hire to any point of destination in the city with the exception of far flung villages which are hardly reachable by tricycle. Instead, jeepneys ply those routes.



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