Caiguna is a locality on the Eyre Highway in Western Australia.


Located on the Eyre Highway as a stopping place, and in the vicinity of change in the style of the highway alignment, Caiguna has seen its fair share of accidents in the vicinity. It is a long way to go, either direction, to get off the Nullarbor.

Coming from the west the straight stretch from Balldonia can be deceiving - if you have travelled from the west, you are now about to hit the Caiguna to Cocklebiddy curves (one of the shortest stretches between stopping places), well worth slowing down (specially at dawn and dusk) to take the corners at a slower rate with a bit more care. It is not unusual to see truck wrecks and accidents in this area, but they do tend to get cleared away quickly.

If you have come from Cocklebiddy, the opportunity is now for s stretch of road that is over 160 km straight - with only one main corner in the road before the Balladonia Roadhouse.

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Most people arrive by car or truck. The bus services common 30 years ago no longer exist, due to competition from cheap airfares.

Very very irregularly there may be planes or helicopters, but not part of any regular services.

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