Buyeo is a city in Chungcheongnam-do.


Buyeo, previously known as Sabi, was one of the ancient capitals of the Baekje Dynasty, established in 18 B.C. and has been existing for 700 years until 660 A.D. Buyeo is located southwest of Gongju and west of Daejeon. This town is not a major tourist destination, but it has many nice tourist sites. There are temples, graves, and quiet nature walks, and all of these with a relaxed and uncrowded atmosphere.

 Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 6.0 8.4 13.7 20.8 25.2 28.1 30.0 27.9 27.1 21.4 14.2 3.4
Nightly lows (°C) -6.7 -2.6 1.2 6.8 11.5 17.9 21.5 20.7 15.7 8.4 3.1 -6.1
Precipitation (mm) 2.2 15.3 69.3 94.1 61.5 77.8 174.7 225.1 157.5 170.5 42.4 44.2

Source: 2014 Korea Meteorological Administration

Get in

This town is not on the train line. If you don't have your own vehicle, you can take a bus for part or all of the journey.

By train

The nearest train station is in Nonsan. To get to Nonsan by train from Seoul, depart from either Yongsan Station or Gwangju. Once you've reached Nonsan, take a local bus to Buyeo.

By bus

Get around

The town is small enough to be walkable. The bus terminal is located right dead center of the town, and most of the major sights are located about 2 or 3 "blocks" away from the terminal, making the town a very walkable place.


Several of the world heritage listed Baekje sites can be found in Buyeo and its surroundings, namely the Archeological site in Gwanbuk-ri and Busosanseong Fortress, the Jeongnimsa Temple, the Royal Tombs in Neungsan-ri and the Naseong City wall.

Buso mountain fortress (Busosanseong)


City tour

There are city tours offered every Sunday, and on second and fourth Saturday of the month, from March to December starting at 10AM. Reservations and inquiries can be made by calling the Chungnam Tourist Information Center at 041-830-2330.







On the main street, Sabi-ro, there are many chain restaurants like Lotteria, Mister Donut, Paris Baguette Cafe, and Eiffel Bakery. Also of note is the Bomjuk Slow-Food Korean Porridge Restaurant at the traffic circle.

On Gnognam-ro, the next main street to the east, there are many Korean restaurants, some pizza, Japanese sushi, and Dolimites, an ice cream shop.

For a more up-scale dinner, try the street along the foothill of Busosanseong Fortress, Seongwang-ro. There are some noodle places, some steak places, and some fish places here.


The area between the bus terminal and Jeongsima Temple has a large number of motels and hotels. Hotels can be identified by the neon signs on the top of the building along with the Korean letters 모텔. Another way to recognize one is a sign that looks like a bowl with steam coming out of it.


Buyeo isn't a major foreign tourist town, so don't expect people to speak much English.

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