North Busan comprises of the districts of Buk-gu, Dongnae-gu and Geumjeong-gu in Busan. Easy to overlook, the north part of the city has fewer tourist attractions and is more sparsely populated. Nevertheless it offers excellent hiking opportunities, as well as vibrant student life around the Pusan National University.

Get in

Busan Metro Line 1 runs directly through the north part of Busan, taking you close to most of the destinations.

  Beomeosa Station is the closest to the Beomeosa temple and the North Gate (see below)

  Pusan National Univesity Station is naturally close to the University and right in the middle of the action.

  Oncheonjang Station is the best station to climb to the fortress via Cable Car or bus.


The serenity of Beomeosa
Hike along the Geumjeong Fortress over Busan
North Gate of Geumjeong Fortress



The remote temple of Seokbulsa (석불사)

The mountains around Busan have some good hiking trails. Hiking trails are not really well marked in Korea, even if you can read Korean script. Definitely do your research before you hike.


The PNU (Pusan National University) has a great deal of shops for students, and you can buy all kinds of clothes and mobile phone accessories.


There are a lot of al fresco dining options in Namman village, not far from the top of the cable car and the South Gate. (Namman means South Gate)

The walk along the mountain tops to Geumjeong Fortress will have vendors selling freshly cooked Korean fish cake. This tastes surprisingly good after some climbing!


Your best bet for a drink in this area is at the innumerable student bars around the PNU (Pusan National University).


There are many hotels clustered around Myeongnyun (명륜) Station. However, it is still might be easier to take the Metro Line 1 into Central Busan for a wider range of hostels and hotels.


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