Burnsville (Mississippi)

Burnsville is in Tishomingo County, in the Mississippi Hills region of Mississippi.


Burnsville is an old town, almost a ghost compared to its previous glories. The Tombigbee Waterway was built next to this town, likely due to the past liveliness of the town. This liveliness can be seen in the multitude of unused and abandoned buildings, such as the old general store building and postal office building. Despite that its day is past, there is still a good deal of business in and around the town, due to the stores and even restaurants that remain in the town, such as Sister's Cafe, B&J's Supermarket, and Ellie's Cafe.

Get in

The only way to get in to Burnsville is via bus and driving. The main route is Highway 72, which goes horizontally through the small town. Many gas stations and cheap stores (such as Dollar General, Sister's Cafe, and a dent-can store called Burnsville Discount Grocery) line the highway here, making it a great waypoint to stop and refuel, eat, and continue on. Highway 72 eventually stretches into Alabama if you continue east on Highway 72, while it goes to Memphis if you go west far enough.

However, there are other, less common routes. Most of them stretch through the backroads of the town.

Get around

Burnsville is a town comprised solely of trails and roads. The only way to get around in this town is by driving, or limited walking. However, some biking sidewalks are available in certain areas. Many grocery stores can be reached simply by bicycling there.


As far as souvenirs go, there is little to buy in Burnsville.


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