Buraimi (Buraymi) is a town in Northern Oman and the capital of the Al Buraymi governate.


Buraimi is an oasis town in on the border of the United Arab Emirates. The adjacent city on the UAE's side of the border is Al Ain.

Buraimi is considerably smaller than the adjoining city of Al Ain and is visibly less affluent. Streets in Buraimi are not named and development could be considered 'piece meal' with large villas often appearing some metres from roads, footpaths do not occur away from the main streets.

Before the relocation of the border (see above) it was fairly common for expatriates from Al Ain to rent villas and apartments as they were roughly 50% of the cost of an equivalent villa/apartment in Al Ain, however the change in border policy has led many of these expatriates to relocate to Al Ain due to long waiting times at the border checkpoints during peak traffic hours.

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For many decades there has been an open border between Buraimi and Al Ain in the UAE. In 2006 this border was relocated to an area around Hilli some 8 km away from the traditional open border near Al Ain which is now closed to all except to those with valid visas (Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) nationals require no visa).

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Transport in and around Buraimi is by taxi, which like the majority of taxis in Oman are coloured orange and white. Drivers accept payment in both Omani Riyals(OR) and United Arab Emirate Dirhams(AED), a trip within the township of Buraimi will generally cost no more than 2 AED/0.2 OR.


Buraimi, like the rest of Oman, features many historic forts in varying condition. The largest mosque in Buraimi is the Majid Qaboos. Fossil valley found to the East of the Buraimi township contains many fossilised remains of prehistoric creatures.

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