Bungus Bay

Bungus Bay (Pantai Bungus) is a beach some 20 km south of Padang, West Sumatra.

Get in

45 minutes to 1 hour from Padang by Opelet, 5,000 Rp. Pick a blue Opelet in town.

Get around

You can rent a manual motorbike in Carlos or Tintin for 50,000 or 60,000 Rp, depending on your bargaining skills. But there is not much to see around except the typical indonesian countryside.


There is actually not much to do in Bungus Bay. Indonesian tourists from Padang like to come here during the weekend and relax. The beach is not amazing, you cannot surf, and there is no touristic attraction except the nearby islands and a little waterfall not far.


There are a few little restaurants along the road.


Small wooden house in front of the beach, with 3 rooms, a kitchen and common bathroom and also a terrace with hammock. The crew is friendly and takes care of everything - food, drink, and they can bring you for a walk in the forest, river, waterfall or to spend the day (and the night if you want) in Pagang island near the village. The food is very good. the price is RP 150 000 per person for the night and all food during the day (3 meals, tea and coffee as much as you want). The good point is that all is included in this price, even excursions to the waterfall and river, and you can learn the Minangkabau culture by helping the local woodcarver, learn traditional dances and Minangkabau cooking + teach in the local school to meet the kids and share your culture. The atmosphere is friendly, the crew is always happy to share, play guitar and sing to accompany your nights there.

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