Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is in Bulgaria, forming eastern edge of the country.


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The coast region can be accessed through two airports: Varna International Airport and Burgas Airport. However, as there are not many flights to either airports, an easier option is landing in Sofia first, and then taking a bus to the coast.

Get around

The best way to get around the entire coast area is by bus. To avoid being ripped off by ticket cashiers, which is common although illegal, either try speaking to them in Bulgarian or let your Bulgarian friends, if you have any, buy your tickets.


Aladzha Manastir (Аладжа Манастир) outside Varna is a beautiful monastery, which is dug in a giant rock. The entrance fee is quite low, and it's a very beautiful, and quite weird thing to see.

Pobiti Kamani (Побити Камъни), literally "the rocks which got hit", also outside Varna, are a bunch of gigantic rocks, standing up, in the middle of nowhere. The rocks are said to radiate energy and a lot of hippies stop by.

Another beautiful place is the Cape Kaliakra. This cape has a long bloody history, starting with 40 virgins jumping off, so they won't have to marry invading Turks, and ending with a bloody sea battle.


- Try some of the specific fish soups. The traditional fish soup in Shabla for example features some 12 kinds of different fish. - Try cheverme - the traditional whole-animal grill. Can be made with everything from chickens to entire cows.

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