Buenos Aires/Recoleta

French Embassy Palace

Recoleta is an upmarket district of Buenos Aires.



Palacio Pereda




One great feature of this and other supermarkets in Buenos Aires is the availability of home delivery (envio a domicilio). COTO charges, as of February 2011, $7 pesos per order. It's a boon to anyone buying multiple jugs of water, beer, wine etc. How it works: you'll shop in the store, and choose the checkout lines with "envio a domicilio" on the sign above. The clerk rings up your purchases, and when you pay, you give your address, telephone number and preferred delivery time. The groceries are then packed into plastic tubs. If the delivery will be made much later, or even the following date, the stores place the tubs containing your order into cold storage.

Please note that time is a fluid concept in Buenos Aires, so give a time for which you can be home an hour before and an hour after. The delivery person will ring the bell for your apartment and come up in the elevator with a wheeled cart with your containers of food.

Tip: check the website for daily credit card discounts. Post-2001 crisis, the Argentine government, banks, and major retailers are partnering to give discounts for placing transactions on credit cards. Some of the discount comes from an instant reduction in the 21% VAT. This benefits the government by encouraging more transactions to come into the white economy.

Jackets are tried on in the showroom to choose the design and find your size, but can be custom fit to your taste. This shop offers a wide selection of leathers for each coat, and will alter a design to suit your preferences (such as shortening the length of a coat, if you're petite). Service is high-touch, attentive, and available in both Spanish and English. This is one of the most hassle-free places to browse for leather in Buenos Aires.


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