Buenos Aires/Puerto Madero

In the early times, the red docks was the registered trademark of Puerto Madero, but now the new buildings in east side are changing its traditional image. This sector have an strong development in apartment buildings, many of they in construction phase. Many stores and shops have been opened month by month, expanding the offer of services. We must to add the auditorium and concert halls what promote a cultural circuit.


Puerto Madero with Puente de la Mujer



You will find the prices in Puerto Madero much higher than in the rest of the city—you're paying for location. Sometimes they are worth the price, sometimes not. Fixed price menus (three courses, called executive menu or "menu ejecutivo" in spanish) can be had with drink and coffee for 25 pesos (approx. €6.25); these restaurants have outside seating areas with excellent views of the dársenas, the Fragata Sarmiento and the old European-style warehouses.


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