Buena Park

Buena Park is a city in Orange County in Southern California. It is widely known best for being the home of Knott's Berry Farm.

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Knotts Berry Farm

Timber Mountain Log Ride, one of the classic attractions installed by Walter Knott.

America's oldest theme park with the first ride attraction, the Ghost Town & Calico Railroad opening in 1952. The park was established on the site of a Berry Farm. The claim is that crowds were originally drawn by the chicken dinners being sold there, and then rides and attractions added to entertain the crowds. Today the theme park is large, and the chicken dinners are still on sale. The berries mentioned in the park's name are Boysenberries (a cross between Raspberry, Blackberry, Dewberry and Loganberry) and products made from them (including juice and jam) are widely available in the park.

It first started as a berry stand founded by Walter Knott, who unknowingly laid foundation for what was to become one of America's oldest and most revered amusement parks. The first ride attraction, the Ghost Town & Calico Railroad opened in 1952. Knott's Berry Farm remained a family-owned venue until late 1997, when Ohio-based theme park operator Cedar Fair, L.P. acquired it for $275 million from the Knott family (Walter's descendants). Knott's Berry Farm has accomplished and set many technological milestones in the amusement industry with its unique ride and attractions. The Calico Mine Ride, introduced in 1960, is commonly recognized as the first themed amusement park attraction in the world. The Timber Mountain Logging Co. (now Timber Mountain Log Ride) was the first log flume with thematic elements, which was the inspiration Walt Disney modeled his Splash Mountain flume concept after for his Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA (10 miles from Knott's Berry Farm) even though he had been dead for 23 years when Splash Mountain opened. National media was brought to the park in 1975 with the introduction of Corkscrew, the first modern roller coaster to successfully turn riders upside-down.

Other ride and attraction records and milestones:

Xcelerator is one of the new breed of rides at Knott's that emphasizes big thrills over theme and scenery.

The rides here tend are less themed than in Disneyland, but aim for bigger thrills. Rides:




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