Hegyvidék is a district in Budapest.


View from Janos Hill toward the hills of 12th & 2nd districts

Hegyvidék (lit. The Mount area) comprises all of the 12th & 2nd districts. It is the most exclusive area, with villas, embassies and foreign residences. This is the 'greenest' part of the city. Here is the city highest hill János hegy (527 m above sea level). It is situated in Buda the northwestern part. In north and northeast the III. district called Óbuda (lit. Old Buda), in the east the Danube river by XIII. and V. district,- Belváros Downtown or lit. Inner city,- bounded. To the southeast is the I. district called Belbuda (Inner Buda). To the south the XI. district Újbuda and Tétény (lit. New Buda and Teteny) is bounded. The neighboring communities are Budakeszi and Budaörs.

Because a significant part of the district is covered by forest, the area is very popular for local hikers and also like the wealthy peoples for living place. Countless luxurious villas, flashy cars and upscale quarter is located here. Also its contains a number of diplomatic representation.

Get in

Szell Kalman Square, the Main transport hub in this area

The major transport hubs: Szell Kalman Square (former Moszkva Square) and


Two stations represented here : Széll Kálmán tér : Déli pályaudvar (South Railway Station)


Bus 16, 16A and 116 go to Buda castle from : Széll Kálmán tér. Bus 21 very useful exploring Jan Mountain or Secheni Mountain (János-hegy or Széchenyi-hegy), these are part of the Buda Protected Landscape Area


The district is the most important tram is No.61 between Hűvösvölgy and Móricz Square,- former a transport hub for the northern part of district, to transport hub to New Buda (Újbuda),- you can catch it at : Szell Kalman tér or : Deli Pályaudvar

Other transport modes

Zugliget Chair-lift
Cogwheel tram at Hill Station


Tomb of Gül Baba, a monument from Turkish period
Millenaris Park
Ruins of Budaszentlőrinc Pauline Monastery
The ruins of Nyék Castle, Hűvösvölgyi út 78
Former Post Palace

Natural sights

Apathy Rock
Ördög (Hell) rift stream in Remete (Hermit) Valley
Mechwart grove, near to Margit Boulevard




Buda Protected Landscape Area

Cave tours

Palvolgy Stalactite Cave


Városmajor Park, former City Farm



Csaszar-Komjadi Swimming Pool


Millenaris, a huge cultural centre in district 2nd.

Walking tours

Anna Hill observation tower, Buda Protected Landscape Area



Weekly Farmers BIO Market at MOM Cultural Center

Shopping malls

MOM Park Complex (Shopping Centre, Office Buildings, Luxury Apartment Houses and Sports Centre

Supermarkets in district 2

Supermarkets in district 12

Other stores

August confectionery, near to Fény street market


This page uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget Under €5
Mid-range €5-15
Splurge Above €15


Fast Food

Hármashatárhegy hobby airfield


Mid range



Southern Railway Station, catch a train here to Lake Balaton






Post Offices

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