Belváros or Downtown is the V. District of Budapest. It actually consists of two historic neighbourhoods with well-defined borders within the V. District - Lipótváros ("Leopold town", after Emperor Leopold II) in the north includes the Parliament and many governmental buildings, Szent István Basilica and some museums, while the southern part (Belváros proper) is mostly high class accommodations, shops and night life area.

Get in

District 5, Downtown of Budapest (Belváros)

From/To Buda


All four of the Budapest Metro lines can be used to get to the V. District:

Coming from districts of middle Buda (Belbuda and Hegyvidék), you can cross the Danube with Metro line 2 Important stops are Kossuth Lajos Square (get off here to see the Parliament), Deák Ferenc Square (major transport hub), and Keleti pályaudvar (railway station). Also the brand new (2014.Apr) Metro line 4 links south Downtown with Újbuda and Tétény. Catch it at Fovam Square ('Fővám tér') or Kalvin Square (Kálvin tér). - These are maybe the fastest way.


The Downtown linked to Buda with five bridges.If you have time and the weather allows it, walk across one (or more) of these bridges.

The links between the Downtown and Belbuda served with two bidges:

You can also take one of the trams that travel across the bridges. Trams 4 and 6 cross the Danube river twice.

Trams 47 and 49 are also good options exploring this area and also made connection, via Liberty Bridge Újbuda and Tétény (New Buda) which is the southern part of Buda.


Take a boat from Pest side Vigado Square (Vigadó tér) to a pier at 'Batthyany Square' on Buda side (the most touristic way)

Get around

By public transport

The tram line No. 2, running along the Danube river, offers a beautiful view of Buda.

By foot

The district size makes it walkable. Almost every part can be suggested for a sightseeing walk, except the noisy Kossuth Lajos street. The best of these walks the Promenad (or Corso) extending from the northern Margaret Bridge (Margit híd) toward south to Liberty Bridge. The pedestrianized Vaci utca makes for a very natural walk, with its many historic buildings, shops, cafes restaurants, starting from Vorosmarty Square ( 'Vörösmarty tér') to Fovam Square (' 'Fővám tér')


Payment parking in Budapest splitted five zone. The Belváros/Downtown entire area in zona 2 . all started hour cost HUF440 between 08:00-20:00, max. three hours. Payable cash or parking card or via mobilephone. Coach parking in the fifth district: Szechenyi Chain Bridge north side, Szechenyi Chain Bridge south side, Szent István Square.


The Parliament

The Hungarian Parlament with the Danube River
Hungarian crown jewels in the Parliament
Under the Parliament's cupola the Hungarian crown jewels are exhibited. After World War II, the medieval crown (last used in 1916) was taken out of the country by escaping Hungarian fascists, ending up in the United States. President Carter returned the crown to the Hungarian state in 1978, accompanied by a large American delegation. It was exhibited in the National Museum until 2000 when it was moved to its present location.
Tours lasts ~30 minutes. Getting to the ticket office is bizarrely confusing and time consuming. Queue up by the security fence where you see the "buy ticket" sign, this is by the front of the Parliament at gate X (the opposite side to the river). There will be no sign of a ticket office or anyone selling tickets. It will seem like you are queueing up in front of a fence. Do not panic - this is OK. There may be people in a separate queue, these may be Hungarians who can visit more frequently, or indeed tourists in the wrong queue - you won't be told where to go or what to do, so it is common for people to wander about. The security guard will open the security fence (there is no gate) and you should walk towards the doorway with an X above it, inside is the cash office and you can get your ticket here. Be warned, there are no signs or explanations anywhere of what to do. They only let 2 people at a time in the cash office, and it can take 2-3 minutes per person to get a ticket. Come back at the specified time on your ticket and join the "with tickets" queue to the right, where, again, you will be left with no one to greet you or explain what's going on, until 1 minute before your tour time, when a guide will appear (not in a uniform)and you can go through the fence and get security screened before starting. The tourist information gives tour times for the various languages (e.g. English is 10AM, 12PM and 2PM), your ticket may have a different time on it, like 10:15AM, this is because there is more than 1 tour around the times listed, so you will not join the 10AM tour, but the 10.15 tour. The end result of this system is that at first glance, there are people standing in a very slow moving queue, with occasional tourists wandering into an unmarked door in the corner of the building. Suddenly, a large group of people will appear and jump the queue and wander through the security fence (this is a timed tour starting), the guards are not tour advisors and will not tell you if they are sold out of tickets, or if a tour is starting, or that you are in the wrong queue. Parliament is in session Monday and Tuesday, but tours still operate. For the time of your language tour get the slip of paper from a tourist information office.

Along the Danube

Pesti Vigado seen over the Danube
The main building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Shoes on the Danube


Chain Bridge, the oldest, arguably most beautiful of Budapest's bridges


St. Stephen Basilica, the biggest church in Budapest. Western facade
The imposing facade of the National Bank of Hungary
The Ethnographical Museum of Budapest
The ornate gables of the Postatakarékpénztár


The lutheran church at Deak Square
Parizsi udvar
Lajos Kossuth memorial on the namesake square
Remnants of Contra-Aquincom







Kayaking / canoeing


A part of the Red Army Monument on the Szabadság Square with the Parlament at background








This page uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget Under HUF2000
Mid-range HUF2000-3500
Splurge Above HUF3500





Inside Café Gerbeaud

Fast food





You will find many cafes and mid-range to high-end gastronomic establishments around the Deak ter


Busy at daytime, the V. District is also very much alive at nighttime

There are dozens of romkocsma (literally translated: ruin-pubs) in city centre. These inhabit ruined courts of old houses, therefore they are hard to be found. Ask locals for hints and go for the unique post-socialist atmosphere!

Bars, Pubs

Wine tasting




The overground bridge between the two parts of the Mercure Korona hotel is hard to overlook and is a sight in itself, as well as a good orientation point
The Gresham Palace, now a Four Seasons hotel, is a major Peszt waterfront landmark, right in front of the Chain Bridge


Stay healthy

Stay safe


Post Offices

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