Budapest/Újbuda and Tétény

Újbuda and Tétény (New Buda - Tétény) is in Budapest. A big area on southern Buda, on the right side of Danube.


Budaörsi Road, the Western Gate of Budapest

New Buda - Tétény (Újbuda-Tétény), which comprises most of the south and southwestern parts of Buda, is a flat area. The construction of a new residential area started in the 1900s, the present district was formed in 1930. In the north the Hegyvidék area (Hegyvidék) and Belbuda (Belbuda) bounded. In the east on the Pest side by IX. (Ferencváros) district with four Danube Bridge connected. Also in the southeast, on the Pest side, by XXI. (Csepel) district bounded. Covers an area of ​​33.49 km ², of which eight districts in line. Until 1930's, was named the Saint Emeric City (Szent Imre város). The names of the district parts - Gellert Hill, Lágymányos, Albert's village (Albertfalva), Eastern's land (Kelenföld), Eastern's Valley (Kelenvölgy), Rich meadow (Gazdag rét), Guard Field-Orson (Őrmező-Őrsöd), Eagle Mountain (Sas-hegy), Sasad - or other names like: Rupp Hill (Rupp-hegy), Chamber of forest (Kamaraerdő), Stone end grove (Kőérberek), Bird Hill (Madár-hegy)- these the nice-sounding words is still living medieval names of district's settlements and landscapes. - Tétény officially called Budafok-Tétény is the southernmost part, with small hills and famous wineries. The neighboring communities are Diósd and Érd.

Lágymányosi Bay, Relaxing on the Danube Embankment

Get in

The main train connection served by Kelenföldi Railway Station is becoming more and more important. (Many trains leaving from Keleti pályaudvar stop here.)

Get around

There are some stops of the brand new opened (2014.apr.) Metro line 4.

: Saint Gellert Square (Szent Gellért tér)

: Moricz Zsigmond Circle (Móricz Zsigmond körtér)

: Ujbuda-center (Újbuda-központ)

: Bikas Park (Bikás park)

: Kelenfold Railway Station (Kelenföld vasútállomás)

You can take trams tram: no. 4, 6, 47, 49 from Pest all these lines (except no. 4) cross at the southern hub Moricz Zsigmond körtér, south of Gellérthegy. tram: 4 & 6 now run modern Siemens Combino trams in contrast to some of the other rolling stock in use. tram: 47 and 49 run from Deak Square (the central hub for Budapest metro lines) through Freedom Bridge (Szabadság Híd) to South-Buda.

Official Tourism Information


Albertfalva Roman military camp
Hotel Gellért, built in Art Nouveau style


Soviet Soldier in Statue Park



Gellert Bath



Imre Nyéki swimming pool





Csabai sousage, a Hungarian specialty
Móricz Zsigmond Square and Villány Road corner, City Spar on the ground floor


Shopping malls



'Túrós csusza' is a Hungarian savoury curd cheese noodle dish, an heritage from turkish period

Fast food




Clubs, bars

Restaurant A38 on a converted Ukranian stone carrier ship

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the summer months you can take a Party Cruise from the Pest side which, after a 1,5 hour boat tour will take you to the A38, or the Holdudvar:






Post Office can be found in Malls.

Wi-Fi served mostly of restaurants.

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