Bremerton is located on the Kitsap Peninsula in the Puget Sound region of Washington state.

Bremmerton ferry as seen from Harborside Fountain Park


Downtown Bremerton is experiencing a renaissance, starting with the new Transportation Center, Kitsap Conference Center and a new hotel on the city's waterfront. A new government center, which provides combined governmental services in a single building, anchors the town's revitalized core.

Already contributing to the downtown revitalization are art galleries, the Admiral Theatre, museums and many quaint shops and restaurants.

Bremerton is a safe, environmentally clean community within an hour's ferry ride from downtown Seattle where you can visit the Navy destroyer Turner Joy, stroll along a delightful block-long waterfront promenade and check out the new Kitsap Conference Center Plaza with its fascinating fountains, and enjoy a bounty of seasonal community events and concerts.

Downtown has three museums, in one block, within walking distance of the ferries.


Native American Salish people lived comfortably in the Puget Sound area navigating the local waterways in well made cedar canoes for thousands of years before 1792 when Captain George Vancouver 'discovered' the area, named it after one of his officers and declared the area for Great Briton.

Once the Washington Territory was established in 1853, the U.S. government began signing treaties with area tribes to acquire their lands. The Suquamish people ceded most of their land around the Kitsap Peninsula to the United States and logging came into the area in full force. The areas once impassible thick forests gave way to farms, towns and industry as lumber was shipped off to areas such as San Francisco or burned as fuel for the growing fleet of boats known as the Mosquito Fleet. In 1888, William Bremer, a German immigrant from a wealthy banking family, traveled by boat from Seattle and purchased land that is now Bremerton from a local logger.

In 1891, Bremer negotiated with Lt. A.B. Wyckoff to sell 190 acres to the U.S. Navy for Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, still a major employer. Bremer platted the town around the Navy's property and gave it his name. He opened businesses to support the Navy's activities.

The City of Bremerton was incorporated in 1901. The Bremerton Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in 1928 with William Gates, Sr., grandfather of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, as treasurer.

The town exploded in size during World War I and II, when more than 40,000 workers arrived to work at the shipyard. Since then fortunes have been through boom and bust and the town is now revitalizing the downtown area.

Get in

By car

Main Highways to Bremerton are WA Highway 3 from Shelton, north through the county to the Hood Canal Bridge near the northern tip of the Kitsap Peninsula. From Tacoma and Interstate 5, take WA Highway 16 north from Tacoma across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge until it combines with WA Highway 3 near Gorst.

By ferry

State ferries on Puget Sound

By boat

Arriving by water, you'll find a large, destination public marina making Bremerton a favored boating venue with a central location for exploring the area but please be aware of the 500’ buffer zone around US Navy vessels and facilities.

By airport shuttle

Get around

the foot ferries including the M.V. Carlisle II which is a historic Mosquito Fleet era boat that shuttles passengers between Port Orchard and Bremerton.

By bus

Kitsap Transit offers transit services throughout Bremerton and between Bremerton, to Silverdale, Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Port Orchard and connects with Mason Transit (Mason County), Pierce Transit (Pierce County), and Jefferson Transit (Jefferson County).

By foot ferry

By taxi

By charter bus


The Puget Sound Navy Museum


Annual events

The USS Carl Vincent gets underway from Naval Station Kitsap-Bremerton


The Kitsap Audubon Society has been actively meeting since 1972 and has a broad coalition of birders actively tracking and sharing sightings since then. They also maintain an active website with updates of the latest sightings, suggestions on areas for birders and even a regular newsletter. They also developed a checklist of birds likely to be seen birds in the area.

The state Audubon society developed 'The Great Audubon Birding Trail' which includes key migration flyways. Flyways are major north-south routes of travel for migratory birds and likely areas to see birds along the route extending from Alaska to Patagonia. Lions Park in Bremerton is one of only a handful of areas in the region named to this list.

Scuba diving

Diving the cold waters of Puget Sound takes a bit more gear and training than other warm water locations, but the rewards are incredible. The area contains some of the best diving in the world and many areas are accessible from the Kitsap Peninsula. Many dive sites are completely covered with colorful sea creatures that defy description. Giant Pacific Octopus are common, along with friendly wolf eels. Colorful sponges, sea cucumbers, sea stars, soft corals, anemones and fish can be seen on nearly every dive. The state has offers a guide to parks with launch sites HERE

Sea kayaking

view of the Olympic Mountains from the waters of Bremerton

With two local sea kayaking clubs based here, Bremerton is clearly a popular place for this sport with miles of coastline allowing the paddler a closer and slower look at their surroundings and exploring both urban and rural surrounding areas. Harbor Seals, Otters, Sea Lions, Bald Eagles and Blue Herons are common sites while the occasional viewing of an Orca or Grey Whale is not out of the question.

Kayak trails

Organized trails offer overnight camping options and maps of appropriate and scenic travel destinations.


Wheaton Way (WA Highway 303) is a major commercial road that extends from Bremerton across the Warren Avenue Bridge several miles north to Silverdale, the commercial district of Kitsap County. Food, motels and other businesses are available along Kitsap Way between the WA Highway 3 interchange and downtown Bremerton.



In the immediate downtown area there are three newer bars:

and a beer and fry place called

There are two other very worthy neighborhood places to go:


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According to a Seattle newspaper, the Kitsap Peninsula has three of the top four golf courses in the state - The City of Bremerton's Gold Mountain Golf Course with its award-winning Olympic and Cascade courses, Kitsap Golf and Country Club, and McCormick Woods.

Routes through Bremerton

Port Gamble Chico  N  S  Gorst Shelton

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