Rolling hills and the new church of Breb

Breb is a small village in Maramureș in Romania.


The village of Breb sits below the Cock's Crest (Creasta Cocoşului) peak in the Gutai Mountains between 450 and 700 meters. There are 400 homes in the village and it is said to be the home to around 1,500 people. Breb is one the best examples of the peasant strip farming culture still alive in Maramures.

Get in

There is no public transportation that officially lists Breb as a stop, but you can get in from most any town on the route between Baia Mare - Cavnic - Ocna Sugatag - Sighet via mini bus. Just look for those names on the route (displayed inside the front windshield), flag it down (which is common practice) and hop on. As of June 2012, the price was 6 lei for Breb - Baia Mare. Let the driver know you want to get off at Breb. From where the bus stops, it is a good 10-15 minute walk into the village itself. You can find time schedules for the main stops on the route on , but unfortunately Breb is not an official stop so you cannot search for it. However, Ocna Sugatag it's generally around 10-15 minutes from Breb, so it is a good reference point.

It is also common to hitchhike to the village, although traffic can be light on the road. See Maramures#By_thumb.

Get around

The village is very small; walking is really the only comfortable way around.


Biserica de Sfinții Arhangheli Mihail și Gavriil

Besides the old wooden church, there aren't really any specific sights to see in Breb besides simply the beautiful, timeless village itself.


The best thing to do is simply to walk around the village. As you walk around you may have a strange feeling that you've stepped into a different time. You can watch villagers tend their fields, make hay, or make their way down the narrow roads in their horse driven carts like they've been doing for hundreds of years. You can also hike to the Cock's Crest (Romanian: Creasta Cocoşului). There are no marked trails until you get quite a bit along, but if you keep walking directly toward the right of the two most prominent peaks on the horizon you will find your way there. A hike there and back will take around 6 hours.


There is very little food available in the village, so it is recommended to pack all that you'll need with you. From the local farmers you can get delicious, fresh milk and eggs, though. Also, there is a family in the village who will cook a hearty, traditional, all-inclusive dinner for you if you arrange a day or so ahead. Ask around and you will find your way.


There is no shortage of Ţuică, the local firewater, in Breb. It's a fruit brandy distilled from apples. The stuff brewed in the village is usually >50% alcohol, so watch out!


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