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Braunlage is a town in the Harz National Park in South Lower Saxony.


Braunlage is a town located in the Goslar region of the southern Harz mountains. Records show that Braunlage existed as a small mining community as early as 1250, and expanded slowly over the centuries. One of the oldest buildings still standing today is the Ironworks building from 1658 which is now the Harz Hotel Altes Forsthaus. In the 17th Centure Braunlage gained Market town rights and by the end of the 19th Century, with the development of the Southern Harz Railway line, Lumber and Quarrying became an important economic factor for the region. The granite quarry based on the Wurmberg mountain, the second highest in the Harz, was still in production up until 1974. The Wurmbergseilbahn, or Gondola, completed in 1965, links Braunlage with the Wurmberg covering a length of 2.8Km and rising 400m, the longest in northern Germany. The Gondola was renovated completely in 2001 and operates 6 person cabins for up to 900 persons per hour. Brunlage offers skiiers and tobogganers plentiful sport in the winter months. Braunlage, like many towns in the former border zone, suffered economically from the cancellation of the zone subsidy and the opening of the eastern Harz as competition. In november 2011, as a cost saving measure, the town administration merged with that of St. Andreasberg.

Get in

Braunlage can be reached by road using the B4 from Braunschweig or the B27 linking to the east. There is good parking on the outside of the town, but it does tend to reach capacity quickly, especially in winter during the high season when the weather is good. The main routes into Braunlage can be found through those connecting to the Harz Mountains generally.

By plane

There are good road, train and bus connections from Hannover International Airport, and the local airport at Braunschweig. Public buses run hourly from the Airport in Braunschweig and take 2.5 hrs to reach Braunlage with two changes en route. The routes from Hannover take 2.50 hrs and also run hourly with 2 changes.

By train

The access point for the Northern part is Goslar, which can be reached from Hannover and Halle(Saale), while the southern part is reached by train from Göttingen and Erfurt. Services are regular and there are national connections via Braunschweig and Hannover to all parts of Germany.

By bus

From Berlin, BerlinLinienBus [1] runs daily to the Harz from Berlin ZOB.Public Busses connect with Braunlage from Bad Harzburg, Bad Sachsa, Sankt Andreasberg and Walkenried.

By car

The A 38 runs south of the Harz from Halle to Göttingen and the A 395 connects Goslar and Bad Harzburg in the northwest with Brunswick (Braunschweig). The A7 connects Göttingen in the southwest and Hanover in the North as well as Brunswick. From Hanover follow the A7 down to the "Seesen/Harz (67)" junction to follow the range from north to south , or to the junction "Rhüden Harz (66)" to follow to the north B82/B6 to Goslar, Bad Harzburg and on to Wernigerode. The B 6 is an important east-west dual carriageway along the northern edge of the Harz.

Get around

Braunlage is easily accessible by foot and there is a local bus service centered on the main bus station next to the Ice Stadium.

By taxi

By rental car


Braunlage is famous for what it offers in the way of outdoor activities whether it be in summer or winter and as such there is not a spectacular amount of interesting architecture or places of interest in the town itslef. The Kurpark and Kurgartenzentrum, in Dr.-Kurt-Schröder-Prommenade,situated in 14 Hectars of parkland however provides a relaxing place to wind down in after a hard day in the mountains. There are giant sized games for the family to play such as Chess, and the concert hall has a varied series of musical events throughout the season. Details can be found via the Tourist office tel: 05520 93070.


Braunlage's main business is tourism and it specialises in providing the individual and the family with a wide range of primarily outdoor activities. These activities are linked to the Harz Mountains as a whole and in summer it is popular with hikers and is also an excellent location for mountain biking. Its main attraction in winter is all forms of skiing included limited downhill, extensive crosscountry (Langlauf) and toboggoning. The Wurmberg Cable Car provides access to a large number of slopes, trekking routes and sport areas.

In addition to the main range of activities in the local mountains, Braunlage also offers a number of activities in the town itself.




Braunlage is primarily a tourist resort for summer and winter activities. Apart from the souvenir shops found at the main places of interest, there are some 35 registered retailers centred on the main shopping streets Herzog-Willhelm Strasse and Harzburger Strasse.


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Many of the restaurants in Braunlage, and certainly the better ones, are hotel restaurants. There is not a great number of places to go and eat, but plenty enough for the short stay visitor.


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Braunlage has a number of small pubs or Kneipe, but most of the Hotels also have their own bars. The best known Nightclub is to be found in the Maritim Hotel.


Braunlage offers an enormous range of hotels and hostelries for the visitor, whether for the short weekend or a longer stay. One of the extra costs to staying overnight is the so called Kurbeitrag or Spa Card. This costs € 2.20 per person per day, and offers a wide range of free entries (for instance to the town's swimming pools) or subsidised entrance to many of the activities in the DO section.


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