Brajčino is a picturesque village located in the mountains of Western Macedonia, just off the eastern shore of Lake Prespa. The village has a population of around 160 people, most of whom are older people. Brajčino is a must see when traveling to Macedonia.


Brajčino is divided into two districts:



Brajčino is a mountain village (at an altitude of about 1000 m. above sea level) disturbed only by the roaring sound of the local river and by the evening winds rustling through the trees. Occasionally you may hear a dog barking, a rooster crowing, or a cow-bell ringing.

This village is a very popular tourist destination for many reasons. First, it has some of the most picturesque architecture one will ever lay their eyes on. Second, Brajčino is home to five beautiful churches and one extravagant monastery. Third, it contains unbelievably beautiful nature that is sure to take your breath away. And fourth, the hospitality of the people of the village will make your stay in Brajčino a unique experience.

Get in

By plane

There is no airport in Brajčino or in the Prespa Lake area, but the Ohrid Airport is only about an hour drive from the village.

By bus

A bus from Bitola stops in Brajčino twice everyday.

By car

There are two roads to lead to Brajčino, one is from Bitola and the other starts in Resen.

Get around

By car

It is not the best choice to get around Brajčino by driving because the entire village can easily be covered by walking and driving in the narrow roads can be a hassle.

By foot

The best way to get around Brajčino is by foot because it is easier to experience the village's amazing natural beauty, and because many paths in the village are not suitable for cars.


Brajčino is mostly visited for its breath-taking nature, but it is also famous for its beautiful architecture, churches, and its monastery:




To contact any of these places, call: +389 70 576515 or fax: +389 2 3227834


Pelister Mountain Conservation Project / Pilot Eco-Tourism Project:

phone: +389 (0)2 3227 834 / phone: +389 (0)70 576 515 / email:

Information in Brajčino / phone: +389 (0)70 497 751 / email:

Stay safe

This village has a large bear population due to the fact that they are now protected. Even though they rarely come down from the mountains, watchout!

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