Boyabat is a city in Western Black Sea Region, Turkey.


Boyabat is a small inland town somewhere in the middle of the Turkish Black Sea coast. An ancient castle dominates the town, as well as the valley. Boyabat is known for its rice grown all along the riverbeds in the valley. Another product is bricks and tiles produced in factories outside town.

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Boyabat is located inland from Sinop on the Black Sea coast, just south of Gökırmak River, on the roads connecting Kastamonu to Sinop or Kastamonu to Samsun.

Daily bus service to Istanbul (650 km or 8 hours ride).

Get around

Very walkable town center. "Eski Çarşı", old downtown, built in grid plan from after the big fire around 1900's. The new thoroughfare passes tangentially to the old town and attracts more business.


Kale (Ancient castle) on a rock which is dramatically cut in the middle by a small river running also through the town, Kale Bagi (park behind the castle), underground passages under the castle.


Enjoy the market held on Mondays in the old downtown, visit the market near the bus terminal. Enjoy the yearly fair starting second Wednesday of October just outside the town center.


Cember (hand woven head scarve), Pıta (printed head scarve)


Sirik Kebabi (whole grilled lamb)


Tea. Tea houses here and there!


Local provincial standard hotels.

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