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South Boston (almost universally referred to as "Southie" by locals) is densely populated – known for three deckers and rowhouses, there are single family homes in the neighborhood too. Its residents, mostly of Irish heritage or from Ireland itself, are famous in town for their love of and loyalty for their neighborhood.

Over the years, South Boston has changed rather dramatically. Back in the 1970s, local opposition to busing made front-page headlines across the nation, and the reputation of Boston in general and Southie in particular suffered as a result. While the Southie lifestyle depicted in recent films like Mystic River and The Departed persists, the neighborhood is quite different from how it used to be. Gentrification has come to several areas, particularly the waterfront, which is now home to the new Boston convention center, several nearby hotels and upscale restaurants, and the Institute for Contemporary Art. Debate continues about whether the redevelopment of the waterfront is succeeding in turning the area into a real neighborhood, and what effect gentrification is having on the long-time residents of Southie. But in spite of these challenges, the old-time community spirit hasn't been crushed, and the traditions of Southie continue to this day.

Note that South Boston is a different neighborhood than the similarly named South End.

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By subway

Red Line: Broadway and Andrew stations serve South Boston. JFK-UMass station is in neighboring Dorchester, but is very closer to the border with South Boston.

By bus

Routes SL1 and SL2 of the Silver Line bus rapid transit service go to the South Boston waterfront. Courthouse, World Trade Center, and Silver Line Way stations are served by both routes. The SL2 route continues through South Boston to the Black Falcon Pier, while the SL1 continues to Logan Airport.

Routes 5, 7, 9, 10, and 11 also serve South Boston.

By car

Exit 25 of Interstate 90 and Exit 16 of Interstate 93 serve South Boston.





Southie has a variety of bars and pubs and, more recently has been the location for some new restaurants.

Southie also hosts one of Boston's only distilleries, known as GrandTen Distilling and where visitors can go on a tour and sample some of their products.



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