Boryeong (보령) is a city in South Chungcheong Province, South Korea

Boryeong has been referred to as Manseji Boryeong. Famous for Daecheon beach and its annual mud festival as well as Muchangpo beach where is a mysterious sea path, islands, famous mountains such as Sungju and Oseo mountain, as well as various cultural properties such as Sungjusaji, Ocheonsung and the Galmaemot Martyrium.

The city's beach-mud is widely touted for its cosmetic properties. As elsewhere along the southwest coast of the Korean peninsula, there are numerous small islands, many of which are connected by ferry to Daecheon Port.

 Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 5.5 7.5 11.7 17.8 21.5 25.9 28.3 27.3 26.2 20.9 14.0 4.1
Nightly lows (°C) -4.2 -1.5 2.1 7.2 11.9 18.4 21.7 21.1 17.1 10.8 5.4 -3.8
Precipitation (mm) 3.4 20.5 56.3 70.0 47.1 125.8 104.0 168.5 152.0 156.0 39.9 67.1

Source: 2014 Korea Meteorological Administration

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By bus

By car

Kyungbu Highway

Cheonan IC -> Ansan -> Hongsung -> Boryeong
Yusung IC -> Gongju -> Cheongyang -> Boryeong

West Coast Highway

(Soe hae An Highway) Seoul -> Poseung IC -> Asan -> Hongsung -> Boryeong

Honam Highway

Yeonmudae IC -> Nonsan -> Buyeo -> Boryeong



Boryeong Mud Festival at Daecheon Beach, Boryeong City

Sightseeing by car

Drive course 1 - Travel along the road where you can watch the sea. Daecheon beach-Nampo bank-Junko travel destination-Muchangpo beach-Busa bank The best thing of the drive course in Boryeong city is to enjoy the fantastic coast. This course begins at Daecheon beach and goes along Nampo bank. Stop at Jukdo travel destination in the middle of the bank. It is romantic to feel the sea from there.

Drive course 2 - Quiet drive along the cultural assets. Chungcheon reservoir - Oseosan-Chungso-Ocheon port - Boryeong thermoelectric power plant. Follow No. 36 national road to Chungyang. Turn right at three-way junction in Dokjung and drive along the Chungcheon reservoir. This road that is connected to No. 619 national road is again connected to No. 4 city road through Hwaam Lecture Hall. There are a few cars on this road so that you can enjoy the quiet drive. Climb the long hill in Oseosan and pass Chungso. And you can see Cheonsuman all through the way to Ocheon.

Drive course 3 - Along the road where the mountain and the lakes are harmonized. Seongjusaji-Seongju Mountain Recreation Forest-Coal Museum-Boryeong dam-Ungcheon Sukjae street Take No. 40 national road from Daecheon station to Buyeo, take the left road in the three-way junction in Seongju and you can find Seongjusaji, the most famous cultural property in Boryeong city. This road is connected to the beautiful drive course with mountains and lakes, Seongju mountain recreation forest and Coal museum. At Dohwadam you can taste spring water. Turn left to No. 11 city road. You'll pass Ami mountain known for its fall foliage and at the end of that road there is Boryeong dam that is the most famous in Chungam. The road along the lake is as beautiful and spectacular as the Chungjuho drive course.



There are many restaurants in Boryeong, of which most offer fresh seafood. There are also other types including Korean Barbecue restaurants and Galbi Houses.


There are basically 3 kinds of accommodation available in Boryeong.

The most popular ones are motels. They are easy to be found because they are all over the place in this beach area. There are also many hotels. You can tell the difference between a motel and a hotel by the size of the building. Buildings that are more than 5 stories and larger in size are hotels. The quality of the room is not much different, but they have more facilities that customers can use such as spas, swimming pools and restaurants.

If you do not mind experiencing a Korean-style house for couple of days "minbak" (a private residence temporarily taking lodgers) is the one for you. In fact, there are more "minbaks" than any other accommodation, because for many people there, it's become another way to make a living.

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